Groundsure launches GeoRisk and GeoRisk +

DateSep 6, 2020
AuthorDavid Phillips

Mining and stability covered in every transaction - why take the risk?

Groundsure is delighted to announce the launch (on Monday 7th September) of a new suite of ground stability and mining reports:


Created with Mining Searches UK (MSUK) - which Groundsure acquired in January this year - GeoRisk was developed following in-depth market research providing a new level of expert advice, protection and assurance on the issues associated with historic mining and ground stability risk to land and property transactions. Whilst approximately 25% of properties lie on the coalfield, Groundsure estimates that a further 43% of properties may also be affected by mining and ground stability issues unrelated to coal mining.

The key features included in GeoRisk cover:

  • Mining Records
  • Historical Features
  • Geological Features
  • SatSense Satellite Monitoring
  • Coastal erosion
  • .... and lots, lots more!

GeoRisk + includes everything in the GeoRisk report plus:

  • Coal mining - a fully integrated Groundsure CON29M including a mine entry interpretive assessment
  • Brine - a Groundsure Cheshire Salt Search when ordered in the Cheshire Brine Compensation District

Did you know?
The GeoRisk reports are also the first available mining and ground stability search reports to include coastal erosion data helping to understand risks to a property from loss of land to the sea.

With GeoRisk the benefits are clear:

  • GeoRisk includes several in-depth datasets unavailable in other reports.
  • Extensive and in-depth analysis, advice and recommendations from the experts at Groundsure and MSUK.
  • Clear layout, navigation & design getting the information you need, faster - from the leading brand in conveyancing reports.
  • Multiple time and financial savings with competitively priced reports and no risk certificates providing extra peace of mind.

For more information visit:
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