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Climate Clauses for Property Transactions

Providing Actionable Guidance for your Client


In order to fulfil your duty of care to guide clients, it is important to translate the findings from climate analysis in our environmental searches to actionable advice. We recognise that you cannot predict or explain in detail how the climate could impact your client’s investment in the future, but you need consistent and robust language that enables you to signpost next actions if a potential issue is highlighted.

We have created these climate clauses for property transactions below for you to copy and paste into your documents, for example the client advisory or the report on title to the lender. Simply download the clauses and copy and paste into your own documents.

Understanding the ClimateIndex™ rating and which clause to use

What is the property’s ClimateIndex™ rating over the next 30 years? This guide shows you the right clause to use based on the ClimateIndex™ rating in the relevant environmental search.

Download our guide

Clause 1 - Passed - Rating A or B


Select this clause if the ClimateIndex™ rating is an A or B.


Clause 2 - Passed - Rating C


Select this clause if the ClimateIndex™ rating is a C.


Clause 3 - Further Action - Rating D, E or F


Select this clause if the ClimateIndex™ rating is a D, E or F.


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