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Providing Clear, Actionable Guidance

We specialise in providing clear, actionable risk assessments to provide the best advice to our customers for their particular site. This requires understanding of our customer’s needs as well as expert knowledge of the risks they may encounter supported by clear reports and excellent customer support. We see the value our Customer Support team and our Consultants bring to customers on a daily basis by allowing any questions to be effectively addressed. 

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Our Data Providers

We work with a number of respected data providers to bring the most relevant and accurate information to you in our reports. Find out more about their specialisms and how we work with each of them to compile the information in the report. This should give you peace of mind about the quality of our source data, as well as where to go if you want further information.

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Depth in Data

Our Consultants also widen the range of data we can consider. It allows the mining team to include undigitised mining records in more detailed assessments that can add our own data collected over the last 45 years to the assessment. Or, in the case of our environmental team, it allows us to assess aerial imagery in our Review reports that may highlight sites where the images show operations that are not in the permit register. In some instances further research is warranted to confirm the finer details of a planning application or the terms of a permit which allows us to bring the best answer for the client first time.

We also consider that it is important to our customers that they have access to the best technical advice so our teams frequently talk or email clients to help resolve their more technical questions.

Understanding our customer’s workflow and pinch points is a core value in Groundsure. As a result we work to ensure that our staff have a good working knowledge of key areas of concern. We listen to our customers and where possible we work to improve our products and services to provide clear and actionable advice. We do also understand that there are occasions when the best way to resolve a concern is to talk to a specialist. So, all our Consultants are trained in providing technical advice for just such an occasion so our customers can simply resolve their technical questions.

Our Consultants

We have two teams of specialist consultants who write our Environmental and Mining search reports. Between them they have many decades of experience in reviewing data, assessing the risks and being able to communicate that in writing and in person. Coming from a range of backgrounds as environmental specialists, geologists, geographers and archaeologists builds an extensive team able to understand and interpret the data.

The Benefit of In-House Consultants For You

The benefit of our Consultants is their understanding of the data they use to make our assessments as they can be more complex than a simple algorithm would permit.

As a result, our consultants consider the nuances of the data and how that affects our analysis in a way that might otherwise be overlooked in an automated process which would be expected to take a more conservative view.

This is often the case when looking at combinations of an industrial risk within a large industrial area as opposed to an industrial risk within a largely residential area. As we are always looking to develop our assessment so that it gives customers the best solutions we use our consultants to create protocols that ensure that the right reports get to consultants and enable us to refine our view.

To use automated tools can lead to over conservatism as these need to be applicable in the widest number of cases.

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Meet our Consultants

We have two teams of specialist consultants who write our Environmental and Mining search reports - with more than 20 staff in total. Between them they have many decades of experience in reviewing data, assessing the risks and being able to communicate that in writing and in person. Here are a short selection of bios to give you a flavour of their expertise.

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Kate Goodall, Consultancy Manager

Kate Goodall is the Consultancy Manager here at Groundsure. She lives in Hove, East Sussex but originally hails from Sydney, Australia.

Kate heads up a team of 19 dedicated and talented Environmental Consultants who research, write and peer review residential and commercial reports at Groundsure – everything from the Homebuyers report through to Commercial Review Reports.

Kate has worked in environmental consulting for 17 years starting with a consulting firm in Sydney mainly working on remediation of petrol filling station sites. She moved to the UK in 2009 to complete her Masters Degree in Environmental Assessment and Management at Brighton University.

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Cristina Ortega, Specialist Environmental Consultant

Cristina has been part of the Consultancy Team at Groundsure  since 2015.

Her main duty is to make sure that the reports are accurately written taking into account all the data available. She is also here to support with other queries including topics like flooding, ground stability and reviewing any other documentation that can facilitate a property transaction.

Cristinas motto is that “communication is key” so please get in touch if you have any questions or queries.

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Maxim Thamilarasan, Junior Environmental Consultant

Maxim is an Environmental Science Graduate, he specialized in Soil Science and Site Investigation.

Maxi joined Groundsure in 2021 as a graduate environmental consultant, responsible for delivering residential and commercial search reports as well as related customer queries.

He has a Bachelor’s in Biotechnology, Master’s in environmental pollution and management.

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Priangka Bhattacharya, Graduate Environmental Consultant

Priangka is a Graduate Environmental Consultant for Groundsure.

She is an accomplished writer and performer, and enjoys using her skills to contribute largely to writing both the residential and commercial reports that help the workload of Groundsure and satisfy clients.

She also responds to numerous client queries regarding residential reports on day to day basis. Priangka graduated from the University of Hertfordshire in 2022 with a master’s degree in Water and Environmental Management.

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Maite de la Quintana, Junior Environmental Consultant

Maite joined Groundsure in 2021 and currently works in the consultancy team.

She holds a degree in Geography and History from Universidad de Deusto in Spain and an MSc in Environmental Management from SOAS, University of London.

Maite has previously worked in the travel and property sectors while taking part in sustainability projects for conservation and development charities.

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