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In need of further action: what to do next

Groundsure’s environmental assessment searches and contamination surveys provide a clear and concise overview of the potential environmental risks associated with a particular property. The reports are based on the latest data and industry standards and are intended to help conveyancers, property buyers, lenders and developers make informed decisions about their investments.

Occasionally, environmental risks are identified and the Search report may recommend further action prior to a property transaction or financing. A recommended action may be an environmental assessment to help clarify the identified risk and liabilities. This will reduce the likelihood of unexpected costs and legal issues relating to contaminated land and environmental permits in the future. As well as protecting human health and the environment, it can mitigate risks to the property.

Phase 1 for Finance

These reports often follow on from a Siteguard, Screening or Review report where further assessment is required. The need for further assessment arises from significant potential for environmental costs to be associated with the property and additional detail will provide better clarity.

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Phase 1 for Planning

Clients seeking to develop a site may require a Phase 1 Preliminary Risk Assessment to support a planning application or discharge a planning condition. Also, prudent developers will complete a Phase 1 report to discharge their obligations under the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) to demonstrate that a development site is suitable for its proposed use.

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Need more help?

If your report identifies an environmental risk that recommends a Phase 1 Risk Assessment or an Environmental Review, our team will be happy to assist you in determining the next best step. Please contact us to talk to a member of the team.

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