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When you want certainty, you need Groundsure.

Our location intelligence solutions offer environmental searches and reports with unmatched data quality to provide the most reliable, accurate information.

From £209.88 +VAT


Screening covers contaminated land, flood, ground stability, radon and energy risks for less complex commercial property transactions. Written and reviewed by our in-house team of environmental consultants who can be contacted in the event of a query.

From £191.53 +VAT

Groundsure Insight

The Complete View on Contaminated Land Information for your Project.

From £386.90 +VAT


Expert Analysis for Commercial Property Transactions – now with ClimateIndex™

From £225 +VAT

Mining Risk Assessment

A Mining Risk Assessment aims to identify mining related ground instability with potential to impact the property valuation.

GeoRisk - Resi: From £47.08; Comm: From £101.65 GeoRisk+ Resi: From £61.53; Comm: From £112.35


Mining and Stability covered in Every Transaction

From £75 +VAT

Stone Mining Search

Our stone mining search is a desktop risk assessment, typically for conveyance purposes or local authority building control requirements which provides an interpretive assessment, based upon records held by Groundsure, as to the considered mining risk from historical mining activity.

From £37.45 +VAT

Geo Insight

An essential report for geo-environmental professionals looking to identify potential ground instability problems that may affect ground investigation, foundation design or possible remediation options.

From £124.82 +VAT

The Coal Authority Consultants Coal Mining Report

Designed by environmental consultants and geotechnical engineers, this report provides essential data and guidance on historical coal mining activity and the potential issues that could affect your clients sites and surrounding area.

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