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The Coal Authority Consultants Coal Mining Report

Essential data and guidance for environmental consultants on historical coal mining activity at your client's land or property

Designed by environmental consultants and geotechnical engineers, the report flags potential issues through expert datasets to give a deeper view on mine layouts and influence

The Consultants Coal Mining Report delivers expanded details of the information identified within The Coal Authority’s core reports. It includes accurate and precise data on the individual coal seams and roadways associated with workings and additional details on any mine entries identified. An essential report for consultants offering geotechnical and mining services in coal mining areas.

Key Features:
  • While the CON29M report provides initial understanding of coal mining impact, it does not meet the requirements of  more detailed geotechnical analysis and site history for your developer clients.
  • Being able to characterise the site and it’s surrounding area means more context, improved visualisation and better risk assessment.
  • The Consultants Coal Mining Report pinpoints significant past coal mining activity or coal mining legacy management, which could have significant impact on your client’s site.
Key Benefits
  • Recorded and probable coal mining activity
  • Coal mining geology
  • Licencing and future mining activity
  • Investigations and remedial activity
  • Mine water treatment schemes
  • Coal authority managed tips

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*Prices start at £124.82+vat. This report is provided under the Coal Authority terms and conditions. Please refer to the Coal Authority terms and conditions.**Delivery time in normal working days.

  • RRP From £124.82 +VAT*
  • Delivery Time <24 hours**
  • Reliance £10m***
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