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OS MasterMap

Get large scale detailed maps of Great Britain with over 400 million individual features incorporating everything from roads to individual buildings and areas of land with OS MasterMap

OS MasterMap topography layer is the most accurate and advanced mapping data on the market and is suitable for CAD or GIS. The software can be viewed on any browser and on either MAC or PC and you can download your export in a number of formats free of charge.

With Groundsure Insights you can view up to 300 hectares of OS MasterMap free of charge. With our platform you have access to a range of advanced drawing tools for accuracy in outlining your site boundary. You can also overlay OS MasterMap with aerial imagery to gain a better understanding of your site.

Add 3D Building Height Data to your OS MasterMap order for free.


Key Features:

Key features

  • Planning applications
  • Plans for valuation surveys
  • Government bid enquiries
  • Financial risk analysis
  • Environmental risk analysis
  • Transport and route planning
  • Site planning and development

With Groundsure Insights you get smarter mapping software, built to work for you.

*Reliance: £10m Professional Indemnity Insurance. Can be relied upon by all professional parties within a property transaction, first purchasers/tenants and their advisers. Please refer to Groundsure terms & conditions.