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Mining and Stability covered in Every Transaction

Historic mining and ground stability affects properties across the country, not just in coal mining areas - your clients’ transactions need protecting.

Did you know that over 60 minerals have been mined, quarried and extracted at some point in the UK and affect all regions? These are all covered in our GeoRisk and GeoRisk + mining and stability reports.

GeoRisk provides a detailed assessment of mining and ground stability risk with the following key features:

  • Non-coal mining (with opinion provided by an in-house mining expert)
  • Ground stability (non-mining, both natural and non-natural)
  • BGS landslide data
  • Coastal Erosion data

GeoRisk + includes everything in the GeoRisk report plus the following key features: 

  • Our fully comprehensive CON29M Official Coal Mining Search Report (including a mine entry interpretive assessment) 
  • a Cheshire Salt Search where required.
Key Benefits
  • Extensive and comprehensive data – the single largest collection of mining and ground stability data in the UK.
  • Access to our expert mining consultants who provide essential insights and risk assessments. More complex sites can be reviewed in more detail at extra cost. 
  • Includes several unique datasets and coastal erosion data 
  • Saves time and money with a competitively priced suite of reports and certificates.

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  • RRP GeoRisk - Resi: From £47.08; Comm: From £101.65 GeoRisk+ Resi: From £61.53; Comm: From £112.35
  • Delivery Time Res. <24 hours Com. <48 hours
  • Reliance £10m*
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