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Expert Analysis for Commercial Property Transactions - with ClimateIndex™ Physical and Transitional Risks

Groundsure Review provides a detailed manual assessment of contaminated land risk, alongside a comprehensive review of flood, radon, energy, transportation, ground stability and planning constraints.

The unrivalled commercial environmental risk report that delivers expert insight and understanding. Now includes our innovative ClimateIndex™ forward climate modelling – supporting your compliance with the Law Society Guidance on Climate Risks including duty of care and duty to warn.

Review is not just data. Each report is written and reviewed by our in-house team of environmental specialists who can be contacted in the event of a query.

Review is the most comprehensive environmental search report for commercial property transactions. The results are intelligently filtered to clarify risks and next steps quickly and clearly. It also includes ClimateIndex ™ – our unique forward climate risk scenario module. This supports your ESG compliance through better client care advisory for potential climate impacts to the land or property.

We analyze over 106 million data points to produce every Review report. It provides a detailed manual assessment of contaminated land risk, alongside a comprehensive review of all flood types, ground stability, radon, current and planned energy features and transportation, planning constraints and optional 10 years of planning data at no extra cost. 

Key Features:
  • Comprehensive contaminated land assessment utilising the most comprehensive data available including our National Brownfield Risk Model, environmental permits, active and historic landfill and waste sites and current industrial sites
  • ClimateIndex™ – Forward climate scenario modelling for potential flood, subsidence & coastal erosion impacts. Also includes transition risk analysis with Energy Performance (EPC) ratings for each building within the boundary, unique comparable property insight and tailored guidance on MEES improvement measures.
  • Manual review of high detail historical Ordnance Survey mapping in all cases
  • Operational environmental risk – our in-house team of environmental experts who specialise in commercial property, are able to provide a desktop assessment of ongoing contamination risk at the site
  • Flood risk assessment covering river, coastal, surface water and groundwater, with higher flood risk results manually assessed by our expert in-house environmental consultants
  • Natural and non-natural ground stability assessment including natural ground subsidence, cavities and non-coal mining
  • Coal mining and radon screening

For all other features, please download the product card

Key Benefits
  • Supports compliance with 2 Law Society practice notes, Law Society Conveyancing handbook guidance for ground stability and mining and the Law Society Guidance on Climate Risks including duty of care and duty to warn.
  • Where issues are identified, our in-house environmental consultants offer pragmatic and commercially focused expert insight, deal-orientated recommendations and guidance on next steps
  • Named consultant can be contacted in case of follow up questions and queries
  • Streamlined workflow enabling smarter and faster decisions and saving time
  • Accepted by all major UK lenders

Please note: if you have submitted a planning application to a local authority and have received a contaminated land condition, this report is NOT sufficient for your needs. Our Projects team will be pleased to support your requirements.

*Reliance: £10m Professional Indemnity Insurance. Can be relied upon by all professional parties within a property transaction, first purchasers / tenants and their advisers. Please refer to Groundsure terms & conditions.

  • RRP From £386.90 +VAT
  • Delivery Time <72 hours
  • Reliance £10m*
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