CON29M Official Coal Mining Search – Commercial

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The professional opinion on commercial risk from coal mining activity

The Groundsure CON29M Official Coal Mining Search – Commercial brought to you by Groundsure under Law Society licence using official Coal Authority data.

The commercial report answers all of the official 14 questions requested in Law Society Guidance Notes (2018) and has additional information should the property fall within the Cheshire Brine Compensation area. The report offers extra peace of mind, protection and security via a comprehensive £100k Coal Search Report Insurance Policy.

What is the CON29M? The CON29M is a legal form set out by the Law Society to provide information on past, present and future underground and surface coal mining activity for individual properties or sites in England and Wales. It is requested by solicitors on behalf of their clients as part of the conveyancing searches purchased in a coal mining or past coal mining area.

Key features

  • It includes a front page summary of the 14 question responses set out by the Law Society, with clear signposting to detailed information, answers and expert opinion
  • The report uses official data licensed from the Coal Authority, interpreted and analysed by industry experts Mining Searches UK
  • Offers protection and security via a comprehensive £100k Coal Search Report Insurance Policy
  • It gives unrivalled data analysis delivering expert insight and understanding for you and your clients
  • A unique additional alert highlights the Cheshire Brine Compensation Area – where applicable
  • Clear and focused risk advice and next step recommendations supporting transaction progression and completion
  • Easy to understand client ready copy – accessible to everyone involved in the transaction
  • Uses an OS MasterMap plan of the site and an additional coal mining risk map identifying hazards in relation to the property
  • The report uses the now established Groundsure formula for best in class layout and navigation – designed for quick and easy interpretation, getting you to the information you and your clients need, faster
  • Streamlined layout compared to other available reports enabling a clearer workflow resulting in smarter and faster decisions
  • Supports your professional requirements and is accepted by all major UK lenders
  • £10m Professional Indemnity Insurance* (any one claim).

Benefits to the end user

  • Pass/potential risk rating
  • Professional opinion
  • Overview of findings and recommendations
  • In depth and detailed search results
  • Further notes and guidance
  • Coal mining map
  • £100,000 Coal Search Report Insurance
  • OS MasterMap site plan
  • Cheshire brine alert

For more information on this product, download our comprehensive product card.

* Reliance: £10m Professional Indemnity Insurance (any one claim). Can be relied upon by all professional parties within a property transaction, first purchasers/tenants and their advisers. Please refer to Groundsure terms & conditions.

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