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What is Radon?

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas produced by the decay of Uranium; found in small quantities in soils and rocks throughout the UK.

The length of time it takes Radon to decay enables the radioactive gas to diffuse great distances along geological strata. The gas can then accumulate within buildings putting homeowners at risk.

The average UK radon level is 20 becquerels per cubic metre of air (Bqm-3). The UK Radon Action Level is 200 Bqm-3. Above this level, it is recommended that radon concentrations should be reduced, ideally to below a target level of 100 Bqm-3.
Areas of elevated radon risk include the granitic bedrocks in South West England and the Carboniferous Shale in the North West of England, but radon can occur in potentially problematic concentrations anywhere in the UK.

Why get a Radon search?

It is important to get a radon search to establish the likelihood of a property exceeding the Radon Action Level and the possibility of risk to health, and the potential need for further, property-specific assessment or action.


  • find out the estimated proportion of affected properties locally and quickly establish whether a property lies within a Radon Affected Area
  • find out if Radon Protective Measures are required, and to what level (basic or full)
  • user-friendly recommendations and next steps when action is required
  • uses authoritative digital radon potential data jointly prepared by the British Geological Survey and the Health Protection Agency (now known as Public Health England)
  • estimated radon levels are mapped in affected areas to give local context
  • simple, clear, and concise
  • useful contacts included for further information

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