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Full Utility Search

A PAS 128 & HSG 47 compliant utility search which checks in excess of 50 utility companies and underground utility plant owners

Utility Apogee
Groundsure in partnership with Apogee Property & Utility Consultants Ltd bring you a new suite of full utility search reports
  • Full Utility Search
  • Full Utility Search w/o Water


Why do I need these search reports?

Apogee Full Utility Search report draws on decades of experience and the best of modern utility search techniques to bring its clients this fully PAS 128 & HSG 47 compliant utility search. The search often checks in excess of 50 utility companies and underground utility plant owners. The service covers all of the independent operators (IGTs* & IDNOs**) and telecommunications companies. A fixed fee and a fresh search delivered every time in an unlocked pdf with a useful summary page that identifies the affected and unaffected utilities as well as confirming the list of the utilities searched.

Speed of search available:

24hr, 5day, 10 day or 20 day (Please note that you will receive a draft report at the turnaround time, followed by a finalised report).

For more information about the Full Utility Search report, download our comprehensive product card. Please note that the Full Utility Search is also available without water for those who obtain a CON29DW.

For more information on the Full Utility Search w/o Water, download the product card.

*IGTs : Independent Gas Transporters
**IDNOs: Independent Distribution Network Operators
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