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New copper deposit found in Cornwall

New copper deposit found in Cornwall
There are a number of potential new mining prospects appearing in Cornwall,  which is reminiscent of the early prospecting days which created a lot of Cornwall’s wealth.

Centuries later this mining legacy became the focus of the mining risk assessment businesses we see today (as well as forming the backdrop for enthralling storylines in popular TV series such as Poldark).

Recently in the press, we heard that during the exploration for lithium, drillers have chanced upon a significant zone of copper in the area around Redruth.

Could this be an exciting new chapter in the former mining capital of the world or another false dawn? The discovery of a zone of copper bearing rock containing a reported 8% copper is exciting news for those of us with an interest in mining. Even more interesting is that it is relatively shallow and may be intact, having not seemingly been exploited at all by previous generations of miners.

Mining experts Mining Searches UK (MSUK) has delved into its archive of mining plans, charts and scrolls, which are all digitised and available at the click of a button. What we see is that the old miners were aware of plenty of potential mineral veins coursing through the area. Our plan extract shows a number of mineralised veins or lodes passing through the area currently under consideration for future mining.

Mineral veins across St Day

The exploration for lithium continues across various locations in Cornwall. It would be an enormous opportunity to see both hard rock copper and potentially lithium rich geothermal springs being extracted, putting the mining district of Redruth back on the global mining map. Could this then also form the basis of another chapter of stories that could become TV gold?

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Jul 28, 2020

Paul Raglan