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Over the past 40 years, Groundsure has proudly supported the local Cornish community, sponsoring sporting events and clubs, as well as visiting a number of schools in the surrounding area.

In recent months, members of staff at Groundsure have visited both primary and secondary schools across Cornwall with the hope of engaging and inspiring the future generation.

Providing Insight to Primary School Pupils

At the beginning of the year, Tom Harvey-James, Technical Communications Executive, attended a local primary school along with Edward Prosser-Jones from Conveyancing Data Services (CDS). The aim of the session was to educate pupils of our Cornish heritage and to provide insight into the world of mining.

Tom and Ed teaching local children about mining history.
Tom and Edward visiting a local scool.

The pupils showed great interest throughout the session and were captivated by a range of mining objects and activities. 

A popular activity was to consider the lives of the miners. The pupils were asked what they believed the miners would have seen, smelt, heard and touched, immersing them in the industry that once dominated Cornwall.

At the end of the session, the pupils reflected on what they had learnt by creating a mining board: 

Supporting the Next Step for Secondary School Students

At the end of 2022, Megan Goodman, Graduate Mining Search Writer, attended a mock interview event at a local Cornish secondary school. The event aimed to equip Year 11 students with the necessary skills as they prepare for the next stage of their lives. 

The mock interview was set-up in the school hall, with volunteers and students replicating the true-to-reality process.

The event provided excellent guidance to the young people and opened their eyes to the opportunities available to them. 

Megan commented:

‘This was a heartwarming and interesting experience, as it was evident these students were showing initiative and drive to help prepare themselves for higher education. Due to COVID, many students were unaware of possible career options and had not been able to take up part time jobs, thus unable to gain valuable work and life experience. 

‘Mock interview questions were provided and interviewers were encouraged to ask their own questions to keep students engaged and on their toes.

‘The 4 students I interviewed were a pleasure to interact with, all with vastly different goals and ideas for their future. It was great to get an insight into the aspirations of the future generation and it was brilliant to gauge that many were environmentally conscious and interested in Groundsure and what the company was about.’

Going forward, Groundsure will continue to support the local area, and is proud to be contributing to the wider community.