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Quality Policy

Groundsure is committed to giving customers confidence and clarity in land and property transactions. We turn data into practical, actionable insight so that our customers understand that data and what it means for them, and are able to advise their clients and make decisions.

We fulfil the expectations of our existing and growing customer base, and meet all our regulatory requirements, by providing products and services that are accurate, effective and timely. We operate to extremely high standards of quality and data governance, and seek continuous improvement to our quality processes.

Our leadership team takes responsibility for the communication and overall effectiveness of our quality processes, and all staff are committed and understand their role.

Our approach to quality:
  • The organisation is customer focused – we strive to understand our customer’s needs and requirements and to improve customer satisfaction;
  • We take a systems and risk mitigation approach to the planning, implementation and change of our processes, whilst ensuring we remain committed to agile delivery;
  • We monitor the results of our quality processes and take action where we need to;
  • We regularly inspect and adapt our processes to continuously improve.

Our processes:
  • We have a Data Governance Council with an associated Data Governance Exec, which holds responsibility for the quality and accuracy of our products and services and underpins our data, development and production processes;
  • We are members of the Conveyancing Information Executive and the redress scheme administered by The Property Ombudsman – we consider and meet their requirements in our products and services;
  • We adhere to Service Level Agreements with customers and external providers, and have processes in place to receive and respond to customer feedback and complaints.


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