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Groundsure Answers the public – Coal mining

Groundsure Answers the public – Coal mining

Can coal mining affect my mortgage? Can you buy a property in a coal mining area? We’ve searched the internet for the most asked questions around coal mining to bring you clarity and piece of mind around coal mining in the UK.

We appreciate that purchasing property can be a stressful affair, so much so some people choose to buy their forever home and never move again. One aspect we know all too well affects people, is when your solicitor tells you they’ve got the results of your mining report back. Whether buying in sunny (wet & windy) Cornwall, or on the coal field as we discuss today, or indeed anywhere in between, mining can cause a level of stress for those involved in a property transaction.

We aim to help reduce that as much as possible, by offering clear and concise reports that give the very best advice and next steps to help you navigate your way through the minefield of mining. Our team of expert consultants are on hand to help support and advise you with your mining queries and by listening carefully to the most common questions you, the public are asking, we can produce what we hope to be a collection of topically informative videos. Drilling down into the real hot questions of today’s conveyancing market.

We start with coal mining, but stay tuned to see if next time we answer one of your questions.

Question – When is a coal mining report required?

Answer – A coal mining report is required if your property lies within a coal mining area, or within an area designated by The Coal Authority.

Question – How do I know if my property is in a coal mining area?

Answer – Groundsure’s intelligent risk alerts will advise if you are in a coal mining area and require a search.

Question – Can you buy a property in a coal mining area?

Answer – Of course. Just ensure all the appropriate searches and reports have been carried out, as advised by your solicitor or search provider.

Question Can coal mining affect my mortgage?

Answer – Lenders are generally concerned if there is a compromise to their investment, especially if damage has occurred due to their proximity to mine workings. However, it is always a good idea to have these discussions as early as possible with your lender, as they can all vary.

QuestionHow much does a coal mining report cost?

Answer – A Groundsure CON29M report starts at £40.00+VAT for a residential property under 15 hectares in size.

QuestionWhat is a coal mining search?

Answer – It is a desktop study of mining records which answers a set of questions that have been outlined by The Law Society.

Question – What does a coal mining search reveal?

Answer – These reports will check for things like the properties proximity to known mine entries (shafts and adits), whether or not the property is above recorded or indicated coal workings, if there has been opencast workings for coal and a whole host of other potential risks posed by coal mining legacy.

Question – What coal mines are open in the UK?

Answer – Whilst there are no deep underground coal mines still active in the UK today, there are a few remaining opencast mines.

Question – When did coal mining stop in the UK?

Answer – The last deep coal mine to close in the UK was Kellingley Colliery in North Yorkshire, closing its doors in December 2015.

Question – Where is coal found in the UK?

Answer – Seams of coal can be found in Northumberland, Durham, Wales, Yorkshire, Scotland, Lancashire, Cumbria, Kent, across the West Midlands, as well as Bideford in Devon.

Question – Why was coal mining so important in Britain?

Answer – Coal was vital for the industrial expansion of this country. During the Industrial Revolution coal was needed to power machinery, fuel furnaces to smelt steel and to run locomotives for transportation. This helps put us on the map globally in terms of industrial ability.

Question – Will coal mines reopen in the UK?

Answer – Time will tell. A project in Whitehaven, Cumbria is the most recent attempt to gain permission to rework and expand a deep underground coal mine.

Question – Is a coal mining report really required?

Answer – Law Society Guidance Notes (2018) states a CON29M Report is a mandatory requirement for property and land purchase in coal mining areas.

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Nov 21, 2022

Tom Harvey-James