Eco-friendly redevelopment for Rugeley Power Station?

Rugeley Power Station

Last month an outline planning application was put forward on behalf of site-owners ENGIE for a large, mixed-use development at the site of Rugeley Power Station. The proposal includes plans for up to 2,300 homes, as well as a retirement home and a primary school. The power station, decommissioned in June 2016, is in the


Radon in the workplace

Radon blog Groundsure

Every area and building has a degree of radon, although in most areas levels are low. There are legal requirements relating to employers’ obligations to test radon levels, and these vary according to the location of the property. As most radon we are exposed to comes from the ground this includes whether the workplace is


Marine litter, what is it and what it does to the environment

Rubbish bin Brighton seafront

Being based in Brighton and a stone’s throw from the beach, Groundsure is in an envious position to many. However all too often litter can spoil the beauty of our beaches, something it is all too easy to observe being so close to the sea. In this blog post we investigate the phenomenon, where it


Natural Flood Management: Tree Planting Volunteer Days

Natural Flood Management blog - Planting woodland

Groundsure offer the opportunity for each employee to volunteer in the local community, one day per year. During the winter of 2018 and spring of 2019, several groups of us took advantage of this, volunteering with the Sussex Flow Initiative on a tree and hedgerow planting project at the Sussex Horse Rescue Trust in Uckfield.


Our new Energy and Transportation report: what’s in it for you

Crossrail2 Route E&T Blog

Following the approach set in the Avista, the new Groundsure Energy and Transportation report effectively combines and improves on several individual reports. By bringing these together into one search, there’s fewer reports required to get a more complete view of a site and there’s no duplication of data in places where the old reports could


Toxic dumping in the UK

Power plant

The concept of nuclear waste being dumped in the UK may sound like something out of science fiction or an episode of The Simpsons, however this is in fact not a new phenomenon in the UK and the consequences may be more severe on the UK’s environment than the occasional three eyed fish. There is


Sustainable Housing from Bioregional

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Growing up in Hackbridge I was used to the “Teletubby” houses as we would call them. A brand-new set of apartments and houses, with bright multi-coloured rotating chimneys on the roof, a lot like the antennas on the Teletubbies! Although their official name is BedZED, Teletubby houses sound much nicer. The BedZED’s were a pioneer


Fly tipping and abandoned waste – a new headache for Landowners

Fly tipping is on the rise. Local Government statistics continue to show increases, as has been the trend for the last five years, with over 1 million incidents reported in 2016/171. Quantities of about the ‘size of a small van’ are most commonly dumped on highways, but there are also many incidents that occur on