New Agricultural Report – What are the 5 main environmental risks associated with agricultural land uses?

Agricultural land uses and farming take many forms; arable and pastoral, and/or organic and intensive. Although farming has moved in recent years towards more organic methods, intensive farming methods are still very common and widely used commercially[1]. The agricultural activities at intensive farms can pose a variety of risks to the surrounding environment through contamination


What next? The first 100 days of the Johnson premiership

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Downing Street - 100 days of Johnson premiership blog

Following yesterday’s announcement, our guest writer Mike Indian, Political Consultant at DeHavilland, is giving us an idea of what to expect of the first 100 days of Johnson premiership. On 23 July 2019, it was announced that Boris Johnson will enter Downing Street as Prime Minister. Around 100 days later, the UK is due to


ArtificiaI Intelligence: Friend or Foe?

Our guest writer Adam Bullion, General Manager of Marketing of InfoTrack, provides here an insight into AI and its potential impact on the conveyancing industry. Whenever the words ‘Artificial Intelligence’ are spoken rooms fall quiet and images of Blade Runner-like scenes are conjured in people’s minds. Such dystopian views have been propelled by sci-fi films


Flooding: ten most common questions answered

Flood risks commercial webinar

The Environment Agency and British Red Cross are urging younger people specifically to learn how to look after themselves and their communities in times of flooding. While their joint report highlights that young people are the most at risk in a flood, at Groundsure we want everyone to be aware of the risks associated with


Eco-friendly redevelopment for Rugeley Power Station?

Rugeley Power Station

Last month an outline planning application was put forward on behalf of site-owners ENGIE for a large, mixed-use development at the site of Rugeley Power Station. The proposal includes plans for up to 2,300 homes, as well as a retirement home and a primary school. The power station, decommissioned in June 2016, is in the


Radon in the workplace

Radon blog Groundsure

Every area and building has a degree of radon, although in most areas levels are low. There are legal requirements relating to employers’ obligations to test radon levels, and these vary according to the location of the property. As most radon we are exposed to comes from the ground this includes whether the workplace is