The all new environmental search report available at leading search providers

Avista has been developed to offer something better. Better data with over 106 million data points analysed and filtered covering seven key environmental categories, including planning. Offering a better experience in less than 20 pages with plain English explanations and a clear next steps indicator with the unique Avista Action Alert. Based on Land Registry polygons, results are more accurate and deliver more passed reports as a result.

The most comprehensive environmental search report available, Avista includes assessments of Contaminated Land, all major flood risks, ground stability, radon, current and planned energy features and transportation, and 10 years of planning data.

Rob Hailstone, Bold Legal Group says:
‘The new Avista report by Groundsure, with its simplified design, understandable and accessible explanation and easy to use format will greatly help define a number of risks from an environmental perspective that all property purchasers should be aware of before making an informed buying decision.’


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