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Empowering Sustainable Land and Property Decisions

We take large and complex environmental and climate data and turn it into clear and simple insights enabling customers to make better informed land and property decisions.

Environmental Responsibilities

Serving a Greater Environmental Purpose

We not only help our clients understand environmental risk, we live and act in unison with our environment in a shared responsibility to reduce the impacts of forward climate change. Our culture, leadership and operational philosophy places people and planet alongside profit to better educate and improve sustainable decisions.

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Law Society Guidance on Climate Risk


The new Law Society Guidance on Climate Risks has now been published. This important document helps lawyers and conveyancers understand how to approach advising clients about the potential impact of climate change.

Property transactions are perhaps the most exposed to these risks for the client and the firm in terms of potential litigation risk.

Download our summary guide to the Guidance now to find out how you can ensure you and your team can use climate data and advice in a compliant and effective manner.


Climate Change - Client Risk Advice and Compliance for Property Transactions

Climate change is the most significant external impact that our communities and businesses face. It will affect property and infrastructure assets, investment portfolios, lending and insurance markets. The scale of change and the potential risks are eye-watering and have major implications for property transactions.

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Understanding the ClimateIndex™ rating and which clause to use

We are pleased to announce that following further extensive market testing and feedback, we have made some changes to the presentation of our ClimateIndex™ climate analysis.

ClimateIndex™ is included automatically in our Homebuyers and Avista residential reports, as well as both of our commercial reports.

Find out more and download the updated client care clauses now.

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We are Certified B Corp

We are proud to be part of the B Corp Community - a group of just 1500 UK companies that place customers, staff, community and the environment at the heart of our decision making.

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Conveyancers’ Duty of Care to Advise Clients about Climate Risk


Risks change over time. Climate risk analysis is now an essential part of understanding the forward risk on clients’ land and property transactions.

Now, exclusive to Groundsure, one of the UK’s leading environmental law practitioners, Stephen Tromans KC, has released his legal opinion on a firm’s duty of care to advise residential and commercial property clients on climate risk. It’s essential reading for all conveyancing practitioners and available to download free now.


Short term - 88,000; By 2070 - 316,000

The number of properties in England and Wales at risk of fluvial (river) flooding

Short term - 1.8 million: By 2070 - 3 million

The number of properties in England and Wales affected by pluvial (surface) flooding

Short term - 151,000; By 2070 - 652,000

The number of properties in England and Wales at risk of coastal (tidal) flooding

Short term - 449,000; By 2070 - 3.6 million

The number of properties in England and Wales affected by subsidence

4.5 million

The number of UK homes that are likely to overheat due to climate change - Source: CCC Report: UK Housing: Fit for the Future? 2019

Short term - 10,800; By 2070 - 97,000

The number of properties in England and Wales affected by coastal erosion (with no active intervention)

Short term - 27%... By 2070 - 45%

Increase in number of non-residential properties affected by flooding due to climate warming at 2C - Source: Technical Report for the CCRA

£525 Billion

The value of UK property that could be written off due to climate change by 2100 - Source: XDI analysis report 2021

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"Our conveyancing firm uses the Groundsure Avista report in every transaction, we’ve made savings on time and cost by having all necessary searches included within a single report. This report provides our purchasers with peace of mind and ensurers maximum compliance and due diligence. It contains a wealth of information and the clients do like the additional planning report contained with the search."
Richard Swinbank, Director Solicitor - EMG Solicitors
"I have been using Groundsure as a provider of environmental and geological data packages for a number of years, and the quality of both data and customer service that Groundsure provides never fails to meet my expectations.”
Adam Branson, Associate - CGL
“Groundsure has been our number one provider for environmental searches for over 15 years. And it’s been an easy choice through their continued dedication to providing the best possible products in a timely manner.”
Ian Benger, Assured Searches
"I am always grateful to Groundsure for ensuring that law firms like ourselves have the necessary tools and data to give our clients the service they deserve. Well done on being the first to provide climate data automatically in your reports. This will play a key role in enhancing the quality of advice to account for climate risk in transactions."
Bob Bastian, CEO, Stephen Rimmer LLP
"I have been using Groundsure’s Insight package throughout my career for the purposes of my desk study research. The package provides an excellent level of detail, including the reproduction of the 1:10,000 scale BGS geological mapping editions for sites where available in clear, visual format. This is a really useful feature, both saving time and providing a targeted summary of the geology beneath development sites."
Scott Jones, Senior Geo-Environmental Engineer - Ground Investigation and Piling Limited
"I think the subtle changes which Groundsure have made to their Residential reports will reduce the amount of follow up questions clients are going to have, but yet still provide the exact same information as before. The new all in one Avista report will save over 30 minutes per transaction with all the information being in one report, with easy to understand next steps and recommendations.”
Sean Reeves, Head of residential conveyancing at Letchers Solicitors
"As a first time user the whole experience was perfect, from my first call I felt immediately relieved and could tell I was speaking with people that knew the product and website completely. It took a lot of stress off my shoulders and helped me get started with a project that had an immediate deadline. My first order with Groundsure has been first class and I will definitely be using them for lots more projects in the future"
Alison Douglas, Archaeologist - Tetra Tech