Our Groundsure Homebuyers and Groundsure Flood provide a risk assessment for river/coastal and surface water separately

The Groundsure Flood report now has a cumulative overall risk assessment (based on the combined risk of pluvial and tidal/river flood risks).

In addition, our Groundsure Flood & Homebuyers also provides the groundwater susceptibility rating. We identify the highest risk within a 25m buffer of the centre of the property, this accounts for the average size of a residential property and ensures maximum due diligence. We believe this ensures the greatest indicator of risk for the potential purchaser.

Groundwater flooding is not included within the risk assessment as this data set cannot be singularly used to identify the risk of groundwater flooding, it is for this reason that this is not include in our opinion section. It should instead be used in conjunction with other data sources. We have included  this dataset in our Groundsure Homebuyers report as it is recommended in the  Property Codes Compliance Board Compliance Notes.

Our Groundsure Homescreen identifies if the searched property is within 250m of a flood plain and/or 50m of a surface water flood risk as identified by JBA. This is used as a screening tool, however, should not solely be relied upon to identify the potential flood risk to a property as it doesn’t include surface water or groundwater flooding.

The Groundsure Review and Floodview provide a cumulative risk assessment within the EA’s RoFRaS, Flood Zones, and JBAs Surface Water flooding datasets. i.e. the overall risk stated within the report takes into the account the risk of surface water, flood zones, the RoFRaS rating, historic flood events and the presence of flood defences. Based on these factors an overall risk is then provided.

Sometimes when analysing multiple datasets the risk rating can vary slightly between data providers, this can be confusing, it is for this reason why it’s imperative that data is interpreted by expert consultants to ensure that an accurate and fair risk rating for the property is provided.

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We’ve also produced a handy flood guide which contains a lot of useful information.


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