A guide to In Need of Further Assessment report findings:
Residential property transactions.

Adam Grant – Residential Consultancy Manager at Groundsure

In Need of Further Assessment (INOFA) essentially means that based on the data compiled within a residential property report, something has been identified which could cause the property to be designated as contaminated land as defined under the Part 2A of the Environmental Protection Act.

When our report is found to be INOFA there are three standard recommendations within our reports to investigate, they are;

  • Obtain the NHBC certificate which would be associated with the building of the property providing it was issued after April 1999
  • Obtain the relevant planning documentation from any time after 1985, these have the potential to include contaminated land conditions within them and any associated discharges of those conditions
  • Contact the Environmental Health Department at the Local Authority as they are primarily responsible for investigating a site under Part 2A of the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

If a report is found to be INOFA you may be able to obtain the information through your solicitors or alternatively Groundsure can seek that information out on your behalf.

In the event where the information cannot be obtained and therefore the report cannot be revised, Groundsure offer an insurance policy, via Building and Land Guarantees, which would protect the client financially if the site was then designated as contaminated under part 2A. Details of this insurance policy are contained within relevant reports or alternatively please contact us and we can advise you further.

A guide to In Need of Further Assessment report findings:
Commercial property transactions.

Kathryn Bate, Environmental Consultant, Groundsure

Clients are asked to provide the current and proposed land uses of the site, and also if the site is to be redeveloped. This is requested at the point of report purchase, having this information will assist our experts in providing bespoke recommendations for the site – especially if it is to be found INOFA.

All of Groundsure’s commercial reports are either rated as ‘acceptable environmental risk’ or ‘In Need of Further Assessment’ (INOFA).

Acceptable environmental risk means that no significantly potential environmental liabilities have been identified at the study site.

INOFA means that some potentially significant environmental liabilities may have been identified that needs further investigation.

Properties that are found to be INOFA will have bespoke recommendations for further investigation included within the report. Recommendations could include:

  • Consultations with the Environmental Health Department at the Local Authority if a historic land use has been identified on site or nearby. This will also be recommended if a landfill or environmental permit of concern has been identified
  • Consultations with the Planning Department or Environment Agency depending on the type of risk identified and the age of the site
  • A Phase 1 Risk Assessment desktop study and site walk over will be recommended if a current land use has been identified.

If a Phase 1 Risk Assessment is recommended, Groundsure can provide you with a quote and our expert team of consultants can undertake this for you.

If you have any questions regarding your report or the data held within it please contact us and we can assist you with any queries you may have.