Groundsure have partnered with specialist utility infrastructure management company Premier Energy, to deliver utility searches that meet the requirements of the new HSG 47 and BSi PAS 128:2014. Also aids compliance with the new CDM regulations 2015.


Why should you buy a utility Search?

Premier Energy are the original utility consultant in the UK taking advantage of the deregulation in the utilities markets.

This report provides a comprehensive initial risk screen of existing utilities including gas and oil pipelines, electricity cables, telecommunication wires, mains water supplies, sewerage and fibre optic cables.

This utility report from Premier Energy is designed with regional pricing methodology which enables people to pay the correct amount based on their region. In addition to the pricing options, this product incorporates intelligent searching which ensures that once gas and electric plans are received back from the providers the markings are reviewed to ensure relevant Independent gas transporters – if present – are also approached.

What is PALM?

PALM is a fantastic new product that is genuinely innovative in the UK market. It is essentially a perfected series of methodologies which enables the transposition of C2 utility information on to a single base map – not matter what format it is received.

Currently, people have to thumb through a huge quantity of different types and scales of maps, some with poor imagery – which is laborious. With PALM, all imagery is layered on to a single base plan (including flow arrows and pressure chambers) allowing you to click on single or multiple utility views. PALM will be useful as we move towards the management of utility information in the geospatial environment and will be particularly helpful for BIM.