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Now redesigned and improved, the Groundsure Review combines the most recent and detailed contamination and flood risk data to provide a comprehensive risk assessment.

From £175+vat*

Now redesigned and improved, Groundsure Screening is the authority on commercial location intelligence and accepted by all major lenders in the UK.

With a turnaround time of less that 24 hours, and now including…

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Groundsure is proud to be the sole provider of the Cheshire Salt…


The Enviro All-in-One is the UK’s FIRST and ONLY combined CON29M mining and environmental search…

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The Coal Authority Consultants Coal Mining Report Advanced coal mining insight Why this…


Based on Land Registry polygons, with new features, improved layout, intuitive design and clearer navigation, Homebuyers Plus saves time and improves workflow for conveyancers.


Now redesigned and improved. Groundsure Homescreen enables solicitors to comply with the requirements of the Law Society Practice Note on Contaminated Land…


Now redesigned and improved. Groundsure Planning provides detailed planning application information within the vicinity of the property, dating back 10 years.


Now redesigned and improved. Groundsure Flood uses a detailed water and drainage risk model devised by industry experts, and provides detail on all potential flood hazards – not just river and tidal.


Groundsure’s Fire Insurance Plans report helps you see the past more clearly…


Scottish Insight is a comprehensive report that provides the three key aspects…


Groundsure’s Siteguard Search provides the definitive opinion for valuers on lending security….

london underground report commercial property london
From £75+vat*

Location and depth of London Rail, Tube and status of the Crossrail 1 project.

ground stability

Screens for ground instability from natural, man-made hazards, or mineral extraction.

crossrail route

A simple, accurate assessment of how your client’s property may be affected.


A comprehensive planning overview for your client’s commercial property transaction.

chancel repairs

This search identifies if a potential property purchase is liable for Chancel Repairs.


Flood risk search for commercial properties and assessment on the availability of insurance.

groundsure enviro insight

Detailed information using extensive datasets including contamination and geology.

fracking energy report
From £20+vat*

Identifies risks from existing and planned energy extraction and generation installations.

flood insight flood defence

Accurate information using extensive flood risk datasets from leading providers (data not available in Scotland).


Essential information and past and current land use with potential contaminated land risks.

HS2 and Energy

Insight on both planned and existing energy installations, Crossrail 1 and HS2 route.


Groundsure Insight provides the three key Enviro, Geo and Map Insight reports,…


Highways search information for commercial property transactions.


Checks on commercial properties can identify tax benefits of up to 20% of property price.

OS height and Terrain 5 data for a 3D representation of your site.

From £87+vat*

The Coal Authority non-residential report is essential for any site within a…

LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) is a technique using lasers to measure…

From £350 + VAT

Utility due diligence is essential for conveyancing transactions that need to undertake…

georeferenced aerial imagery

The largest coverage full colour aerial photography available. The introduction of georeferenced…


Identify the risks from unexploded ordnance that could affect a construction project.

OS MasterMap and building height data provides clear and accurate information about a site.

From £395 + VAT

The Premier Asset Layer Map (PALM) is a fantastic new product which…

historical maps geotiffs
From £66+vat

Map Insight provides the highest quality imagery on the market as standard….

From £300

Utility due diligence is essential for conveyancing transactions that need to undertake…

From £325+vat

Map the utilities that may impinge upon your clients’ residential purchases.

geo insight borehole

The Geo Insight Report provides a detailed geological data report combining BGS…


The market leading search combining flood and environmental data for complete risk assessment.