The night before Groundsure

DateDec 20, 2017
AuthorGeorge Burdon

T’was the night before Christmas, but all through the day

Edward and Susan, had worried away.

With two kids, still growing, and one on the way,

A new house was needed, but where would they stay?


The children were nestled all snug in their beds,

While thoughts of a better home, danced in their heads.

Edward was restless, his poor dreams in shreds,

A huge sinkhole was consuming his sheds!


He woke from a sound, and sat, bolt-upright,

Could he hear someone creeping, in the house, in the night?

The kids were asleep, this just wasn’t right?

He quickly shook Susan, and whispered in fright.


Next thing they knew, the chimney was shaking.

The house was alive, was someone escaping?

The mince pies were gone, but who’d done the taking?

With all the commotion, the children were waking,


They all gathered round, in front of the tree,

A new pile of presents, an odd robbery,

The children ecstatic, giggled with glee,

The two adults, puzzled, “these weren’t from me”.


The kids couldn’t wait, they tore into the pile,

Both parents looked on, still dumb with denial.

Susan saw that her laptop, had been on for a while,

But when turning it off, was surprised by a file.


A brand new folder had appeared on her screen,

The title was, Groundsure, but what did it mean?

An “Avista” report, was this all a dream?

As she continued to read, she started to beam.


The report showed a house, they had viewed just last week,

She’d had lots of questions, but had been just too meek.

But Avista covered everything, all they could seek.

“There’s no risk of flooding”, she let out with a squeak.


“The land’s not contaminated, the ground won’t subside”,

There’s no Radon present and no planning to hide.

The Avista Action Alert is a hero” she cried,

They looked at each other and sprinted outside.


Oh what a Christmas, and oh what a treat!

“Let’s buy it” they shouted, as the snow kissed their feet.

They both whipped around, to the sound of hoof beat.

“Thank you”, they shouted, “That really was sweet!”