Summer Flooding

"Summer floodin', we stood aghast. Summer floodin', happened so fast..."*


Groundsure’s home county of Sussex was battered by torrential rain earlier this month and it was reported that there was more rainfall in 9 hours than the average for the entirety of August. (1) Flash surface water flooding happened across the county, Brighton Station was flooded and Eastbourne’s Arndale centre had to be evacuated. The devastation of this flood event, however, doesn’t compare to the fallout from the floods in the summer of 2007.

The highest ever recorded rainfall in May, June and July since 1766 led to the floods in 2007. (2) The first events occurred in northern regions in June and again in July affecting the southern part of the country. Several fatalities occurred and the Environment Agency reported that 56,000 properties and businesses were flooded during the incident. (2)


One of the most enduring images from the summer 2007 was Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire town centre completely surrounded by water. In this region alone, nearly 50,000 homes were affected by the flooding and cost local authorities £140 million. (3) Nearby Mythe water treatment works was flooded, cutting off the water supply to nearby homes.

Although there have been some nervous moments in Tewkesbury due to this month’s weather, local people remain confident that the flood prevention schemes which have been put into place across the county since 2007 will protect against future floods.(4)

A flood can threaten your safety, cause serious damage to property and its contents and can result in many months of disruption. 1 in 6 properties in England and Wales are at risk of flooding. Ensure yours isn’t one of them by ordering a Groundsure Flood Report ahead of purchase.

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*No Grease lyrics were harmed in the making of this headline