Georeferenced Aerial Imagery

The introduction of Geo-referenced aerial imagery into Groundsure Insights provides you with high resolution colour aerial photographs, in partnership with leading providers Getmapping.

LiDAR Data

LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) is a technique using lasers to measure the distance between a survey aircraft and the ground.

OS MasterMap

Get large scale detailed maps of Great Britain with over 400 million individual features incorporating everything from roads to individual buildings and areas of land with OS MasterMap.

Why ordnance sites are often not on the Ordnance Survey

Ironically one land use which has often been absent from Ordnance Survey maps is the location of ordnance and military related sites. The OS started its life as an aid to military planning during the Jacobite Rising in 1745, and later developed in response to the French Revolution, but the potential usefulness of maps showing...

Brownfield Sites: A Wildlife Haven

In this blog, Kate Bannigan, an Environmental Consultant at Groundsure, explores brownfield sites and discusses why they should be incorporated into urban development What are brownfield sites? The United Kingdom’s long industrial past has left behind an estimated 65,760 hectares of ‘derelict and underused’ (Oliver et al., 2005) previous industrial sites, often located in or...

A Change in Direction for Historic Rights of Way?

In this blog, Sarah Gathergood, Deputy Residential Consultancy Manager at Groundsure, explores historic rights of way and why, by 2026, some may be lost forever. Time is ticking for our historic rights of way. Any pre-1949 footpaths, bridleways or byways that are not recorded on the legal definitive map(1) by 2026 may be lost forever....