A day with Ordnance Survey

The Groundsure team gathered at Brighton station at 6:30am on a sunny Wednesday morning. Coffee and breakfast pastries purchased, we were ready to board our train to Southampton where we would be spending the day with James MacTavish at Ordnance Survey (OS), as part of Groundsure’s Customer Day programme. Upon arrival at the OS building...

Georeferenced Aerial Imagery

The introduction of Geo-referenced aerial imagery into Groundsure Insights provides you with high resolution colour aerial photographs, in partnership with leading providers Getmapping.

LiDAR Data

LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) is a technique using lasers to measure the distance between a survey aircraft and the ground.

OS MasterMap

Get large scale detailed maps of Great Britain with over 400 million individual features incorporating everything from roads to individual buildings and areas of land with OS MasterMap.