Britain’s Most Flooded Pub

Between October and December 2012 the The Ship Inn in Mevagissey, Cornwall has flooded 12 times in 12 weeks. Within this time the pub lost over £10,000 in sales alone.

Two months after taking over the pub the landlord “jumped ship”. When the new landlords took over in February 2013 they were in for a surprise and believe they may have found the flooded pubs Guardian Angel in the form of the spirit of the pub’s longest serving landlady.


A photograph of Lil Barron, who ran the pub from 1910 to 1947, had taken pride of place above the bar for as long as regulars could remember, but the picture mysteriously vanished during the former landlord’s stint at the pub. After rooting around the pub, Lee discovered the picture discarded in a back room and immediately restored it to its rightful place above the bar. The new landlords, who have lived in the village for 10 years, believe the talisman has seen the pub through three possible disasters since it was put back up.

While the rest of the village has been battered by floods, the watering hole has survived unscathed. They stated “so far we have gone through 3 possible floods and so far we’ve been fine since putting her photo back up.

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