Our new Energy and Transportation report: what’s in it for you

DateMar 27, 2019
AuthorJoshua Keys

Following the approach set in the Avista, the new Groundsure Energy and Transportation report effectively combines and improves on several individual reports. By bringing these together into one search, there’s fewer reports required to get a more complete view of a site and there’s no duplication of data in places where the old reports could overlap one another. This simplifies the workflow that these reports feed into, reducing the time users have to spend rifling through multiple documents. As well as being more efficient, the new search is more cost effective overall by providing more data at a lower price than the old reports combined.

The Energy and Transportation report searches forty-two datasets that can be important to a transaction, whilst filtering out unneeded sections so that the data is not lost in pages of blank maps and empty data tables. These datasets include some that are unique to Groundsure, such as the HS2 Zones of Theoretical Visibility (ZTV), HS2 modelled sound contours, and the Crossrail 2 proposed route. As well as these large transportation projects, the report also includes proposed large energy project data from the Planning Inspectorate.

Zones of Theoretical Visibility (ZTV) show areas where computer models indicate a large project can be seen from. The HS2 ZTV data means that Groundsure can show not only how close a property is to the proposed route, but also whether it’s likely that the line will be visible from the property during construction, the first year of operation, and after 15 years of operation. The visibility of the line is expected to change over this time as construction areas are much larger than the line itself, and railside foliage and landscaping will continue to grow after completion, further screening the line from view.

HS2 sound contours
HS2 published a noise assessment of the proposed route that provides contours showing how much noise they expect to be heard from the railway in nearby areas. This data, uniquely available through Groundsure, helps to show the potential noise impact on a property near the project.

HS2 sound contours E&T Blog

Crossrail 2
The Crossrail 2 data provided in the report includes the current proposed route of the scheme, as well as additional surface safeguarding, previously consulted route options, worksites and stations. It also indicates which existing Network Rail lines and stations the Crossrail 2 trains are planned to run on and serve.

Crossrail2 Route E&T Blog

As shown on this map, the scheme has significant reach within London, both in terms of construction, and in terms of where the service will be available.

Large energy projects
Groundsure obtains and digitises Planning Inspectorate large energy project data, which covers 93 proposed infrastructure projects including the Yorkshire & Humber CCS Pipeline, the Keuper Gas Storage Project, and the Richborough Connection Project. The size and coverage of these projects means that they can be of interest to a large number of transactions.

Planning Inspectorate E&T Blog

The report also includes searches on both active and in inactive railways, with reference to Groundsure’s own Historical Land Use database as well as underground railways including those in and outside London. Proposed wind, divided between single and multiple turbine developments, and solar power farms are extracted from available planning data and energy infrastructure, such as transmission lines and pylons, from the National Grid is included.

Groundsure Energy and Transportation, by condensing six products into one, provides many users with the same information for less and in a single, simpler document.

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