Groundsure’s Ceri Sansom discusses Green Data

DateDec 11, 2019
AuthorCeri Sansom

Recently I attended the EIC Green Data conference and was hugely impressed by the progress made since last year. Last year the conference was about large quantities of inaccessible, hard to assimilate data. Everyone was grappling with how to use it. This year saw a more focused approach with presentations of usable and communicable data. Also a much more focused Government policy line including using big data in natural capital and digital twin programmes. Part of the reason for the change is the arrival of quality satellite imagery, particularly from the European space Agency's Sentinel satellite mission, which is committed to open source, extensive and ongoing data supply.

Data is being used for everything from strategic government planning, to managing deforestation out of supply chains. It has a very similar feel to the boom in fintech with the application of new techniques from different disciplines to win the best from the data. As with fintech, the key appears to be collaboration and exploration.

James Dawson, Head of Insights, comments:

At Groundsure we understand the importance of flexible solutions and providing data in a variety of formats. It is not always the case of ‘one size fits all’. With this in mind we continue to offer our standard products in the form of our PDFs and increasingly the data in GIS. We are proud to have the data viewer in development which acts as an excellent data viewer and scoping tool pre desk study keeping people more informed every step of the way.