Groundsure’s Ceri Sansom BSc MSc CEnv MIEMA, comments on the Widnes Waterfront development Masterplan

DateJun 24, 2019
AuthorCeri Sansom

May saw the release of the Masterplan for Widnes Waterfront development which showcases Halton Council's ongoing engagement with it's legacy of heavy industry. Since my involvement with the designation of the St Michael's Golf Course site as a Special Site back in 2006 Halton has been reclaiming land back from Widespread industrial Galligu tips along the banks of the Mersey.


Galligu is both chemically and geotechnically challenging. It is the waste from the manufacture of sodium carbonate by the Leblanc process of the 1800s when cast quantities of this grey arsenic rich material that is silty when dry but thixotropic (like quick sand) when wet.


The £2.47 million remediation of St Michael's was funded by DEFRA'S local authorities' capital fund, which is no longer available. It was then followed in 2013 by the more extensive Mersey Gateway project creating a new Mersey crossing. This has brought Halton to the point where it has the infrastructure to open the next stage of social and economic development with the new Widnes Waterfront plans showcasing how brownfield, when developed well, can bring some significant community benefits.


James Dawson, Head of Insights comments:


At Groundsure we understand the opportunity value that can reside in challenging sites like this, an opportunity that our clients have the unique ability to support their clients in realising and achieving. Some of the value in this project is reclaiming 44 hectares, in addition creating thousands of jobs in the local economy. The Groundsure Insight bundle includes the three key Enviro, Geo and Map reports to provide seamless delivery tailored to your requirements, from standard sites to your bespoke linear sites.