Groundsure Avista – the best just got even better

DateJun 29, 2021
AuthorDominic Tubb

Groundsure Avista has already changed the face of conveyancing searches, offering a premium, all-in-one experience and delivering a quality of content and design never before seen.

It has become the de facto standard of a premium conveyancing search.

Product evolution is a given with Groundsure and we are never resting on our laurels... but even by our own high standards Avista is about to take a giant leap forward.

The best just got better
As of today (July 1st 2021) Avista is now truly the full stack, with analysis of all mining and ground hazards included as standard. Coal mining CON29M? Check. All other mining types? Cheshire Salt Search? Check and check. Enhanced ground stability data including Coastal erosion? Check!

The addition of this comprehensive analysis of mining risk means that every standard environmental and ground hazard is now searched every time with Avista*. Everything covered, every time - a single search and the only one you will ever need. This brings with it clarity and confidence that nothing will be missed in your search pack when you choose Avista, completely removing the need for search alerts and any subsequent back-and-forth with clients and search providers to determine the searches you need.

Better yet, if mining or indeed any other issue is not of concern in a transaction or in the areas you operate generally then fear not; these issues will not unduly impact the report or its complexity. More content does not have to mean more problems - a core principle of this upgrade. But we’ll get to that later...

Avista includes full analysis of every aspect covered and this is no different with the new mining content added - there are no data ‘screenings’ that tell you to get another report. This granularity of analysis results in the lowest possible number of false-flags and delays through needing to obtain additional searches.

A focus on what matters
Extensive research has allowed us to refine and redefine the content and analysis within Avista into that which is truly important to a transaction; be that to a lender in terms of mortgageability, or the hopes and dreams of your client for their new home. Outside of this we have cut out the noise, allowing both you and your client to focus on what matters.

Research and development has also led us to a key feature of the new Avista solution, one that meets the challenges presented by a search that covers so much within a single report. We have developed a fully dynamic dashboard cover page. This unique design system creates the best possible communication of outcomes for each property, every time.

Findings are presented on the basis of urgency of action or severity; with Key results that a lender needs to know about or that would have implications for health presented at the top of the page. This is followed by any other findings, which are presented as For information, covering aspects that a homebuyer would want to know about to give them the best and most rounded view of the property.

In this system, factors not of concern - either because there is nothing found, or they are irrelevant geographically (outside of the coal area, for example) - are suitably downgraded in prominence, with all the nothing-to-see-here elements presented in their own list. And of course, in those thankfully more common than not all-clear scenarios, a clear statement of No key issues found is presented.

The new improved Avista is as easily understood by you and your client alike. Findings and advice are delivered in jargon-free, plain English, and a simple but effective message on the cover directly invites your client to read on to discover their property, giving you confidence that the report has been received, read and understood - a box ticked off on your to-do list.

Moving searches forward
The new improved Groundsure Avista is the result of extensive research and testing with conveyancers and home buyers alike to ensure we are delivering the best possible value to every stakeholder in the transaction. We are excited to unveil these upgraded reports and to see people enjoying the benefits they will bring.

With these improvements we are redefining what a premium conveyancing search looks like, and this has provided a parallel opportunity to level-up our already best-in-class, market leading and flagship search - Groundsure Homebuyers now comes packed full of the premium analysis, content and features previously found only in Avista. Product excellence from top to bottom.

Whatever your search of choice, with Groundsure the best just got better.

* The new Avista covers: Contaminated land liability, flood risk assessment, coal mining (CON29M), other mining, Cheshire brine, radon, ground stability, coastal erosion, planning constraints, planning applications, energy and transportation infrastructure.