Government approves fracking license at a site in Lancashire

DateOct 6, 2016

A second fracking licence for four wells has been approved by the Government this morning at Caudrilla’s Preston New Road site in Little Plumpton. In the ruling Communities Secretary Sajid Javid approved the plans for fracking, overruling the decision of local councillors. The decision marks the first time that shale rock will be fracked horizontally, widely increasing the area beneath the drill site that will be utilised.

Hydraulic fracturing (fracking) is a technique whereby water is injected at high pressures to stimulate oil or gas flow from reservoirs that have insufficient permeability for the oil or gas to flow at economic rates without stimulation. Although not yet standard practice in the UK around 200 wells have used similar techniques since the early 1980s.

In May this year we reported that the first fracking licence had been granted in 5 years at the North Yorkshire site KM8. We commented that the actions of North Yorkshire council could set a precedent and it appears to have done just this. Although the local council refused the application, the government is pushing on with its intentions to make fracking a common practice in the UK.

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