Going the extra mile to keep everyone healthy

DateMar 29, 2021
AuthorCelia Candebat

This last year has been the most unusual and eventful year for us all, to say the least. For most, lockdown had an impact on our personal and professional lives, our lifestyle as well as our physical and/or mental health. At Groundsure and Mining Searches UK, we wanted to make sure that even though we are all currently working from home, all our colleagues stay healthy, engaged and happy. It is easy to stay indoors and not leave the house some days, especially where there is nowhere exciting to go.

This is why our Engagement Team (which I am part of) started the Miles Challenge at the start of February. The goal was to get everyone out of the house, get people moving so that they make the most of being outdoors whilst getting some vital fresh air. Staff members signed up and were split into five teams. Everyone had to log the miles they accumulated during each week through activities such as cycling, walking and running. People could also enter the miles done by their partners, children or housemates and win some extra points for their teams. It was a nice way to include everyone in the house and make sure all gained from the benefits of getting out more.

The leaderboard was shared with the whole business every Monday and boy did it get competitive! It was great to see everyone really getting into it, going out every opportunity they had, whether it was on their lunch breaks for a walk, long cycles at the weekends or squeezing in a morning run.

The final leaderboard on 24th March 2021

There were a lot of interactions between team members encouraging each other which was a lovely added bonus as we haven’t been in office all together in over a year now. Personally I really enjoyed talking to people I hadn’t been in touch with for a while.

The Engagement Team received some lovely feedback throughout the six weeks challenge. Staff taking part said they really enjoyed the challenge as it pushed them to exercise more. Some said going out on their lunch breaks made them feel energised, helping them be more productive in the afternoon. Others explored new parts of their local area whilst some enjoyed getting their housemates or family involved! The loveliest feedback was hearing that people’s mood improved as a result of leaving the house more often than usual.

As you can see here, our lucky colleagues live in very pretty parts of the country.

Jane enjoying a beach walk in Gwithian, Cornwall

Iryna sunset ride around Nottingham

Aaron on a dog walk in the Luxulyan Valley Woods in Cornwall

Mila on her daily walk in Linfield

Sarah making friends on her walk in Roedean, South East

In total, the five teams walked/cycled/ran 9,035 miles which equals the distance from Brighton (where our Groundsure office is located) to Rottnest Island in Western Australia! Well done all! The rivalry between Groundsure VP of Operations Stuart and Mining Searches UK Head of Search Department Ian was particularly entertaining. Between them they cycled a very impressive total of 1,272.42 miles!

It was great to see everyone pushing themselves, engaging with each other and witnessing how this challenge had a positive effect on people’s mental health. I look forward to organising more fun activities with the Engagement Team!