Ceri Sansom comments on the release of the first batch of Phase 2 C4SLs

DateMay 28, 2021
AuthorCeri Sansom

Having a go to set of screening criteria for more complex chemicals has been something that the industry has been in need of for a long time.

However, as the work requires expertise, time and reliable toxicology data, along with a dose of pragmatism they are demanding to derive.

So it is a huge achievement that the team working under CL:AIRE has announced the release of the second phase of the three new C4SLs for vinyl chloride, trichloroethene and tetrachloroethene. I am sure that these will be widely welcomed by the industry.

CL:AIRE comments that "The C4SLs consist of cautious estimates of contaminant concentrations in soil that are still considered to present an acceptable level of risk, within the context of Part 2A, by combining information on human health toxicology, exposure assessment and normal ambient levels of contaminants in the environment."

These generic screening values, like previous C4SLs, provide a far simpler tool to evaluate risk and streamline the assessment process, but it is necessary to understand the context and limits of their derivation.

The following phases will consider up to 20 further C4SLs including a range of organics, cyanides and metals as well as MTBE.

George Burdon, Commercial manager, comments:

Groundsure always welcomes more rigor in land assessment and this is a welcome step to see more C4SLs being released to give a consistency to assessment. To get the balance between pragmatism and safety is an enormous challenge and we thank the large team of experts who have achieved this milestone.