Fire Insurance Plans

Groundsure’s Fire Insurance Plans report helps you see the past more clearly for contaminated land assessments. High resolution historic imagery featuring Charles E. Goad plans, presents information more clearly and in context for better contamination risk assessments. Why this report? Reveals type and scale of industrial activity, including types of material used, such as asbestos,


Scottish Insight

Scottish Insight is a comprehensive report that provides the three key aspects a consultant needs: environmental, geological and flood data. Available as PDF and GIS. Why this report? Mastermap Siteplan as standard with detailed flood and geology information Intelligent taxonomy and classification of risk data Hyperlinks to digitised BGS recorded boreholes Full mining and flood


Siteguard Search

Groundsure’s Siteguard Search provides the definitive opinion for valuers on lending security. It was designed to identify major environmental risks that may affect a property’s valuation and primarily focuses on contaminated land risk. The Groundsure Siteguard report was developed in association with a major UK lender and fully meets the RICS Appraisal and Valuation Standards,


Groundsure Insight

Groundsure Insight provides the three key Enviro, Geo and Map Insight reports, combining essential information for your project. Available as PDF and raw data for GIS. Why this report? Intelligent taxonomy and classification of risk data Highest resolution and clarity historical maps Maps scanned in colour and greyscale Unique data on current and historic railways


LiDAR Data

LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) is a technique using lasers to measure the distance between a survey aircraft and the ground. It is one of the most powerful techniques for delivering highly accurate height data in a timely and cost-effective manner. What would I need LiDAR data for? LiDAR data is useful for many applications,


Georeferenced Aerial Imagery

georeferenced aerial imagery

The largest coverage full colour aerial photography available. The introduction of georeferenced aerial imagery into Groundsure Insights provides you with high resolution colour aerial photographs, in partnership with leading providers Getmapping. An Aerial mapping layer is available at the preview stage; this along with the detailed OS MasterMap provides the ultimate contextual view for your


OS MasterMap

OS MasterMap and building height data provides clear and accurate information about a site.


Premier Asset Layer Map (PALM)


The Premier Asset Layer Map (PALM) is a fantastic new product which enables all utility information for your project to be transposed onto a single base map. This layered map can show single or multiple utilities for the site and can be selected and deselected at the touch of a button to suit your needs.


Map Insight Historical Maps

historical maps geotiffs

Map Insight provides the highest quality imagery on the market as standard. Available as PDF and Geotiffs. We scan in our Ordnance Survey mapping at over 500 dots per inch (dpi), setting a new industry standard. This sharper imagery means you can see the information more clearly and benefit from greater confidence in your opinion.