Utility due diligence is essential for conveyancing transactions that need to undertake ground penetration work.

Why This Report?

  • HSG 47 and PAS 128 compliant

  • Aids with CDM regulations 2015

What are Utilities?

This report provides a comprehensive initial risk screen of main existing utilities, including gas and oil pipelines, electricity cables, telecommunication wires and fibre-optic cables.

All prices are inclusive of disbursements with the exception of Virgin Media, Vodafone and Vtesse which can be ordered as options.

Why do I need this report?

Groundsure have partnered with specialist utility infrastructure management company Premier Energy, to deliver a utility report that meets the requirements of the new HSG 47 and BSi PAS 128:2014. Also aids compliance with the new CDM regulations 2015.

Get an instant quote bespoke to your client’s needs. All reports come with a summary of the searched utility providers relevant to your site area, ensuring a comprehensive and accurate risk assessment.

Turnaround options available:

  • 24hrs
  • 5 days
  • 10 days
  • 20 days

Clients can now purchase the Premier Asset Layered Map (PALM), the first of its kind, when they purchase their Premier Energy utility searches from Groundsure. Returned in 20 working days, the service transposes multiple utility information responses that are obtained in the Utility Record Search onto one plan.

PALM separates utility records into a fully enabled multi-layered information tool for the entire development lifecycle.

What does it cover?

Enquiries are made to over 40 utility companies to obtain their services records. The report has a summary of all the utilities searched and is delivered in an unlocked PDF, .shp and .dwg formats enabling you to remove individual plans or rearrange the report as appropriate for your client.

Additional features:

  • Instant online quote
  • Ensures compliance with PAS128
  • Ensures compliance with new HSG 47 regulations
  • Abbreviation key to assist with Plan Interpretation
  • Full list of relevant statute in every report
  • Map drawing tool available
  • Variety of delivery formats including online and hard copies*

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*Due to the extensive investigations of some searches, there may be occasions where not all responses arrive within the relevant time frame. If this does occur, a draft report featuring all the information received will be delivered to you within the agreed time frame and will follow with a comprehensive report containing all requested information once received. Hard copies of the report are available for an additional charge.

How do I order a report?

If you already have a Groundsure account you will need to log in using your user name and password and select the product(s) you require. If you do not have a Groundsure account, one must be set up, even for single pay as you go orders. This can be done using the create an account function.

How do I download a report?

All reports will be delivered by email to the designated email address. If necessary, you are also able to include an additional email address before placing your order. However, if the file is too big for email, a download link will be emailed to you. Alternatively, you can download any report from your Order History.

How do I cancel a report?

Cancelling an order ‘in progress’ can be dealt with via your Groundsure account. If the order you wish to cancel is already complete, please contact us and the team will advise you on our cancellation policy.