Provide maximum due diligence with a PlanVal Planning Report, complete with expert opinion.

This planning with opinion report is bolstered with expert opinion from Groundsure consultants, providing your client with definitive insight ahead of purchase.

Why this report?

  • Professional opinion provided by Groundsure consultants

  • Data from the UK’s leading authority on planning data – Glenigan

Why do I need planning with opinion?

This report provides comprehensive insight on likely local developments and potential risks ahead of purchase. It details major planning applications including retail, local infrastructure, amenities, mobile masts, environmentally sensitive areas etc. It utilises data from Glenigan, the UK’s leading authority on historical and current planning data.

This report is complemented with expert opinion from Groundsure consultants, providing your client with definitive insight ahead of purchase.

How much does it cost?

From £40

(<15ha) £125
(15-50ha) £175
(150-100ha) £250

What does it cover?

  • Details of all historical planning applications up to 500m from the site boundary
  • Detailed planning project descriptions and application status updated weekly
  • Residential and commercial planning applications from the last 10 years
  • Telecommunication masts and mobile transmitter data
  • Local authority information including tax banding, costs and contact details
  • Points of local interest including hospitals, amenities and transport
  • Electricity pylons and overhead transmission lines
  • Potential presence of radon
  • Education data including inspection ratings
  • Crime statistics by crime type


*Prices for Residential properties are £40+vat, prices for Commercial properties start at £125+ vat. Reliance and Terms as per PlanVal terms and conditions. Delivery time in normal working days.

How do I order a report?

If you already have a Groundsure account you will need to log in using your user name and password and select the product(s) you require. If you do not have a Groundsure account, one must be set up, even for single pay as you go orders. This can be done using the create an account function.

What does 'Order in Progress' mean?

Order in progress is a status we assign when your report or data is being produced. You will receive your product within the defined turnaround time. If you order states “with Groundsure”, this is because you have submitted your order with a site plan and we are working on digitising your site boundary, or because the site drawn exceeds our standard pricing options. Orders will be placed within 24 hours, and a member of the team will be in contact if we require further information. If you order states “On Hold”, this is because one of our environmental consultants has raised a query with your order. This query will have been emailed to you.

How do I download a report?

All reports will be delivered by email to the designated email address. If necessary, you are also able to include an additional email address before placing your order. However, if the file is too big for email, a download link will be emailed to you. Alternatively, you can download any report from your Order History.

How do I cancel a report?

Cancelling an order ‘in progress’ can be dealt with via your Groundsure account. If the order you wish to cancel is already complete, please contact us and the team will advise you on our cancellation policy.