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What is it?

The Mine Entry Report (MER) is a follow-up report to the Groundsure CON29M Official Coal Mining Search. Where mine entries (shafts or adits) are identified within 20m of a property, the CON29M recommends that they are investigated further through this interpretive (as opposed to automated) report.


What does it do?

The MER gives a clear statement on the risk presented by mine entries that have been identified in the vicinity of the property – this is provided by an experienced and qualified consultant from Mining Searches UK.


How is the zone of influence calculated?

Many factors that can influence the extent to which a mine entry impacts the area around it. This impacted area is known as the ‘zone of influence’. Through investigation using a variety of data sources, expert geologists are able to calculate the zone of influence and assess the specific risk presented by each mine entry. Inputs into this assessment include:


  • Coal Authority mine entries data (c.175,000 records)
  • Authoritative BGS geology data
  • OS MasterMap property extents
  • Underground roadway extents from the Coal Authority
  • Knowledge and expertise from mining experts 


What does the report include?

  • A clear statement of risk associated with mine entries within 20m of the property
  • Further details provided on each mine entry
  • The calculated zone of influence for each mine entry
  • Where appropriate connecting underground roadways are included
  • An OS MasterMap site plan displaying the zone of influence of each mine entry
  • Guidance on next steps in the event of subsidence damage



The price of the report depends on the site size, outlined below: