Now including enhanced transportation data, Avista is the most comprehensive environmental search report available – at leading search providers.

Groundsure Avista offers seven key environmental searches including planning, intelligently filtered to produce the most comprehensive risk report on the market. Avista’s plain English explanation and accessible design make it quicker and easier to review. Avista works smarter to keep your transaction moving. 

The unique and powerful Groundsure IQ engine analyses over 106 million data points to produce every Avista report. These include data on Contaminated Land, all four major flood risks, ground stability, radon, current and planned energy features and transportation, and 10 years of planning data.

Planning is searched to the following distances:
Mega urban areas – 250m for large projects, 50m for small projects and house extensions
Urban areas – 500m for large projects, 125m for small projects and 50m for house extensions
Rural areas – 750m for large projects, 500m for small projects and 125m for house extensions

By filtering these environmental datasets, using Land Registry polygons, only relevant results are returned. Plus we’ve worked hard to ensure that no-one is overwhelmed by confusing jargon and intuitive design making it easy to locate vital information and next steps.

Avista includes JBA groundwater 5m resolution flood data, meaning:

  • Risk assessment is more targeted and accurate
  • Data is risk-based rather than being based on geological potential. It has been calculated on a return period of 1 in 100 years
  • The Avista risk calculator has been adjusted to take into account this data, making the flood calculator more accurate
  • Read more here

In-depth transportation data

Avista now includes more in-depth transportation data, providing even more invaluable information at no extra cost.

What data has been added?

  • Crossrail 2: Avista is the first environmental search report to now include Crossrail 2 data. Crossrail 2 is a new proposed railway linking Surrey and Hertfordshire via an underground tunnel through London. Crossrail 2 marks the next step in the ambitions to improve rail infrastructure and join major counties to the capital. The new railway line would stop at key locations throughout the city including Tottenham Court Road, Euston, St. Pancras, Victoria, Clapham Junction and Wimbledon, improving access to and from London and linking up major rail infrastructure projects such as HS2 and the Elizabeth Line (formerly Crossrail). The Crossrail 2 route, safeguarding areas, worksites and headhouses are all included in Avista.
  • HS2 data upgrade: HS2 data has been upgraded to include not just the route and stations but safeguarding areas, compensation schemes and “never seen before” noise and visual impact assessment data
  • London Underground and DLR: full route and operational times
  • Tyne and Wear Metro: full route information
  • Historical railway and tunnel features: further information on active and historical railway and tunnel features digitised by Groundsure from the highest quality historical mapping available.

Features and benefits

  • Seven environmental searches, including planning applications
  • Based on Land Registry polygon data for the highest level of accuracy
  • Unique Avista Action Alert to help prioritise follow-up work
  • Transparent information and plain English explanations make any risks clear
  • The majority of Avista reports have fewer than 20 pages, saving everyone time
  • From Groundsure utilising the environmental expertise of 30+ consultants

106 million reasons to choose Avista

Seven environmental searches covering the key residential property purchases risks, including 10 years of planning applications. 106 million data points analysed to produce the most comprehensive risk report on the market.

A new level of clarity: Avista Action Alert

The unique and intelligent Avista Action Alert presents easy to follow ‘next step’ strategies. Designed with conveyancers in mind, the advanced alert improves case management, helping prioritise work at a glance.

Avista keeps transactions moving with better property decisions

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*** Reliance: £10m Professional Indemnity Insurance (any one claim). Can be relied upon by all professional parties within a property transaction, first purchasers/tenants and their advisers. Please refer to Groundsure terms & conditions.

What is the new Avista report from Groundsure?

Avista is an environmental property search report powered by Groundsure that is based on better data and designed to drive better decisions. It is the first report of its kind to include seven key searches. Contaminated land, flood risk, ground stability, other environmental risks such as radon, energy searches including fracking, transportation and planning are all included, so you get the widest possible range of information relevant to your client’s property purchase. Our unique and powerful Groundsure IQ analyses and filters the largest number of environmental datasets for your client’s property and identifies any risk factors upfront. With clear explanations and clear consequences, Avista brings a new level of clarity to the purchase process ensuring that the transaction proceeds smoothly. We’ve also rebuilt the report to deliver cleaner, easier to follow results with clear explanations and clear next steps. Helping you and your client see the bigger picture in an instant.

What are the key features and benefits of Avista?

Avista is a powerful new residential search report that makes environmental risks clearer and supports smoother property transactions. Powered by the innovative Groundsure IQ, Avista brings a new level of clarity to environmental property searches by identifying all property risk factors upfront to speed up the transaction process. A new standard in reporting, Avista includes clear explanations and clear next steps, all in plain English. Better data, better decisions Groundsure Avista does the hard work for you. Our unique and powerful Groundsure IQ analyses and filters over 100 environmental datasets for your client’s property, the most included on any residential search report. This enables us to produce reports that are less than 20 pages long - but don't worry there's also a complete list of the searches run but found not to contain a risk associated with the property for added piece of mind. Combined, this approach to filtering and clear communication helps you and your client see the bigger picture in an instant. Groundsure Avista presents the location information that matters most for a quick and transparent property assessment. Clear explanations, clear consequences? Groundsure Avista shows the way ahead.With its unique intelligent action planner, Avista presents ‘next step’  strategies for any identified outcomes of an environmental report providing an at a glance indication of next steps designed to keep the transaction moving.  Avista pinpoints any risks to minimise them, in order to save you and your customer precious time ensuring the smoothest transaction. Groundsure Avista provides solutions, not problems. Our 106 million data points are carefully filtered through Groundsure IQ, based on the property's boundaries to,  provide a clear overview of relevant environmental information. Clearly signposted data with unambiguous recommendations leaves your customers better informed – without being overwhelmed by confusing jargon. Avista gives practical next steps, so the solutions to any potential issues in borrowing against or insuring a property are easy to follow up.

Why is Avista better value, compared to other environmental search reports?

Avista is the most comprehensive environmental report on the market. For £89 (when you buy the report directly from Groundsure) it provides a wide range of information in a easy to follow, straightforward format and also includes planning results. This enables you and your client to fully understand the key environmental factors and development potential for a property, as well as how things may change in the area. Avista is responsive, which means that you will only see details on the results that actually affect the property the search is run on. It is easy to identify potential sticking points, and solutions are presented together so you can see the work involved at a glance, to help you prioritise.

What data does Avista check?

The data used to produce Avista is gathered from a wide range of regulatory and commercially owned data sources, including our own. These data sources are regularly updated and each Avista report includes a summary of all the searches at the end of the report, even if no results relevant to the property were identified.

Why do I need an Avista report?

Avista pulls together over 100 contamination, flood, ground stability, energy and transport searches filtered, prioritised and clearly displayed relevant to the property’s location. However, added to that is full planning data – an additional search added in over 50% of transactions. So its value really is greater than the sum of its parts; more relevant results that are easier to follow through clearly prioritised and helpful data. This reduces a similar set of reports from over 100 pages to less than 20. So not only is it easier for you and your clients to understand the information and any risks but at £89 (when you buy the report directly from Groundsure) it’s considerably more cost effective than buying the reports separately. Finally, within the report’s Groundsure IQ engine we’ve built a next steps indicator that incorporates these insights into an advanced case management tool developed to help conveyancers prioritise work at a glance. Meaning you can target problems before they delay the transaction process.

What is Groundsure IQ?

Smarter intelligence, richer insights and clear next steps. Groundsure IQ is what makes a Groundsure Avista report different to others. Filtering the widest range of environmental information – from 106 million data points - including planning and infrastructure searches, we are able to deliver the most comprehensive yet specific findings that are easily understood and risk assessed. These insights are incorporated into an advanced case management tool developed to help conveyancers prioritise work at a glance. Meaning you can target problems before they delay the transaction process.

What is the Avista Action Alert and how does it work?

Based on all of the seven environmental search results for a specific property, each Avista report will highlight any recommended next steps. Extrapolating the time, costs and complexity associated with these next steps produces a score out of 5 to provide an at-a-glance indication of the delay completing these follow-up actions may have on the purchase. For example, a property with flood risks and other concerning factors, where a site inspection is advisable, might score a 5 (likely transaction delay) compared to a property with no environmental risks and limited planning results that scores a 1 (minimal actions recommended).

If a risk is identified in Avista, what happens next?

We've designed Avista to ensure everyone clearly understands more of the information associated with a property, including any risks, earlier, and all of that information is clearly presented and written in plain English. The Avista Action Alert provides clear next steps designed to help understand what to do next if a risk is identified. The Avista Action Alert also shows at a glance how difficult or time-consuming different next steps can be and indicates to the conveyancer how urgent it is to inform their client and get started. Avista Action Alert: Having processed location specific results, Avista is able to identify recommended or optional actions. By further analysing the complexity and time it takes to complete these actions, the Avista Action Alert provides a clear score that conveyancers can use to prioritise work at a glance, improve case management and keep transactions moving.

What does each score on the Avista Action Alert mean?

1. Only minimal next steps have been recommended, which should not impact the smooth transaction completion expected 2. The recommended next steps should not prevent a reasonably smooth transaction completion 3. The recommended next steps may impact transaction completion timings 4. The recommended next steps may impact transaction completion timings 5. The recommended next steps are likely to impact transaction completion timings

What are the Avista Terms and Conditions?

Just like with any other residential search report from Groundsure, our Terms and Conditions are designed to explain the legal relationship between Groundsure and users of the report. A copy of it is available here. The opinions expressed by Groundsure in Avista are covered by our Professional Indemnity Insurance, and governed by these Terms and Conditions, visible here or provided in the post on request. £89 (when you buy the report directly from Groundsure) relates to an Avista residential report for a single residential property up to 15 hectares. For larger sites, customers can request a tailored price. Please note: The standard Groundsure Terms and Conditions apply to all Groundsure reports including Avista. Individual search providers may have different terms and conditions, so we advise you contact your search provider directly to obtain a copy of these. In addition, your search provider will be able to advise on any ordering or cancellation queries you may have.

What information and searches does the Avista report include?

As well as detailed information on the search results that could have an impact, on the last page(s) of most reports you will also find a clear index of all the searches that have not found anything relevant to this property. For example the report will not return a search result for HS2 on a property located in Brighton but if a property is located near to Sheffield and is within 2.5 km of either proposed route it would. Avista includes the following: • Front page with address, outline polygon, lending risk assessment and Avista Action Alert score plus the high level rating for all seven environmental searches • Details of the professional bodies we belong to and work with, to provide confidence in our reports and their findings • Any recommended next steps with our Avista Action Alert, designed to help conveyancers keep transactions moving • Easy to understand information on searches in which results have been identified including larger, more detailed maps • Professional assessment on Contaminated Land • Any findings across the four main types of flood risk • Ground stability risk factors • Other environmental findings, including local occurrence of Radon gas • Infrastructure including oil and gas, wind and solar • Transport results that may have an effect on properties, including railways, HS2 and Crossrail • Planning for large, small and extension applications • Detailed index of all searches that return results and location of further details Where the data used is not owned by Groundsure we select quality third party data to make sure you have all the information you need at your fingertips. The providers we work with give us highly detailed, best in class data that is both accurate and reliable, at a reasonable cost. Where we modify data, strict quality control procedures are used, as set out by our in house panel of IEMA accredited environmental consultants. Groundsure encourages and promotes the continuous improvement of its products and operates a continual data enhancement program in order to identify and correct errors. If a potential inaccuracy is found in a report, it should be reported to Groundsure who will log, check and amend it if necessary. Where 3rd party data is found to be incorrect Groundsure will notify the supplier. Please note, Groundsure are not always allowed to amend such data in the report themselves, but the outcome of the report will be amended accordingly.

Are property boundaries defined and reported on within Avista reports?

Avista uses the Land Registry polygon boundaries of a property as standard. In the rare case that this is not available (most commonly for new builds), we may ask you to provide additional information such as plans. This significantly improves the accuracy and pass rates for sites.

How does Avista assess contaminated land risk?

Avista assesses the risk of land contamination using sources that give details of historical and current use of the land where the property is situated. These uses include the location of landfill and waste sites, petrol stations, and any industrial sites or processes that may have taken place, or be licensed to take place on or near the property.

How does Avista assess flood risk?

Avista looks at the potential for river, coastal and surface water flooding in order to assess the overall combined flood risk to the property. It will identify if the property is located in a flood storage area, meaning it is especially liable to flooding due to being situated on a functional floodplain. The report also shows you flood events which have happened in the past, and gives you information on current and proposed flood defenses, so you are as informed as possible, able to advise your client on flood risk and appropriate next steps.

What does the flood insurance rating mean?

The flood insurance rating is provided to us by JBA and is the overall combined risk of their river, coastal, groundwater and surface water hazards. It indicates how likely it is that there could be difficulties insuring a property for flooding in the conventional way. It provides a property specific assessment, giving a rating of green (where the risk of flooding is very low), through amber, red, black 1 or black 2 (where the risk of flooding is very high, and regular insurance is likely not to be possible). A statement on the possibility of the property being suitable for the government’s Flood Re scheme is also provided. This scheme enables residential properties which would otherwise not qualify for affordable flood insurance to be insured at a reasonable rate.

How does Avista assess overall ground stability?

Avista assesses ground stability at the property by examining natural and artificial geological cavities and structures that may increase the local potential for subsidence. Mining hazards, sinkholes and other natural cavities, and the potential for previous holes in the land to have been filled in with materials that are not structurally sound (e.g. in the case of previous landfill sites) are all considered. Sensible precautions and next steps are recommended, so that you are able to inform your client effectively.

How does Avista assess planning applications?

Using information supplied by local Planning Authorities dating back 10 years, Avista filters and presents this information to help you understand possible changes to the area around the property. Please note that even successful applications may not have been constructed and new applications for a site can be made if a previous one has failed. Within the Avista report planning applications are summarised in three categories: • Large projects include developments of 10 or more houses and/or projects costing more than £250,000 • Small projects include developments of 3-9 houses and/or projects costing less than £250,000 • House extensions or new builds for 1-2 properties

How do I download a report?

All reports will be delivered by email to the designated email address. If necessary, you are also able to include an additional email address before placing your order. However, if the file is too big for email, a download link will be emailed to you. Alternatively, you can download any report from your Order History.