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A Wayleave is a legally binding agreement between a land or property owner and Telecoms, Utilities or Fibre providers that grants access for the installation and subsequent maintenance or management of network cabling and equipment over or under land. Checking for rights agreements Wayleaves, Easements and Licenses, where they exist, is a complex task. This is compounded by mergers, office moves and staff TUPE’s. This report gives you valuable insight and information to advise your clients on Wayleave issues that may arise in a property transaction.

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Apogee draws on decades of experience and the best of modern utility search techniques to bring its client’s this rarely offered Wayleave* search. With an unrivalled understanding of how Utility companies manage and store their Wayleave agreements, Apogee has extensive contacts across the entire industry and delivers a level of certainty that is unrivalled. A fixed fee and a fresh search every time, the report is delivered in an unlocked pdf with a useful summary page that takes the results of any search that shows utility plant, and confirms the list of the utilities checked delivering any rights agreements that exist.

*Please note that you must purchase a Full Utility Search prior to or at the same time as you purchase a Wayleave Search.

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