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The ideal report for lower value less complex commercial property transactions and multi-site portfolios

Screening provides the ideal assessment for lower value commercial property transactions. Alongside an intuitive design and plain English explanations, the results are intelligently filtered to clarify risks and next steps quickly and clearly.

Screening covers contaminated land, flood, ground stability, radon and energy risks. Each report is written and reviewed by our in-house team of environmental consultants who can be contacted in the event of a query.

Groundsure is the preferred supplier to the UK commercial property secured lending market. Screening has been developed in conjunction with leading UK banks and meets lending security compliance.

Key features

  • Satisfies Law Society Practice Notes on Contaminated Land and Flood Risk
  • Contaminated land assessment utilising the most comprehensive data available including Groundsure’s Historical Land Use Database, environmental permits, active and historic landfill and waste sites and current industrial sites
  • Flood risk assessment covering river, coastal, surface water and groundwater
  • FloodScore™ and NPPF Flood Risk Assessment indicator
  • Energy data covering existing and proposed oil and gas sites, including fracking, wind installations, solar farms, power stations, and major energy infrastructure
  • Planning constraints such as Green Belt, Conservation Areas and Listed Buildings inform about environmental and cultural designations in the area that could impact on planning proposals
  • Natural and non-natural ground stability assessment including natural ground subsidence, cavities and non-coal mining
  • Coal mining screening
  • Detailed radon potential data
  • Enhanced transportation screening provides detail on major rail projects including HS2, Crossrail 1 & 2, active and historic railways and tunnels and underground systems, including the London Underground


Benefits to the end user

  • Improved accuracy using Land Registry polygons
  • Plain English making this report easier to read and understand
  • Site boundary on MasterMap
  • Intuitive layout and page flow
  • Fewer pages - but the same high level quality data that you are used to

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* Reliance: £10m Professional Indemnity Insurance. Can be relied upon by all professional parties within a property transaction, first purchasers/tenants and their advisers. Please refer to Groundsure terms & conditions.

Reports & Insights for you

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Groundsure Flood uses a detailed water and drainage risk model devised by industry experts, and provides detail on all potential flood hazards.