Mining Risk Assessment

RRP£225 +VAT
Delivery Time<48hrs following the site visit
Reliance£2m PI Insurance

What is a Mining Risk Assessment exactly?

A Mining Risk Assessment aims to identify mining related ground instability with potential to impact the property valuation. This assessment will involve a visit to the property, a visual inspection of the external elevations of the dwelling, outbuildings and garden areas.

This is followed by a written report on the observations and any recommendations for further action, if required.

Who would benefit from it?

Purchasers, homeowners and commercial or residential property developers who are buying/selling a property or looking to refinance. Applying to properties based in the South West.

When would the need for one arise?

When there is mining risk within defined parameters to the property a Mining Risk Assessment will be recommended. This assessment will generally mitigate that risk or recommend further action when required.

Why does our report stand out?

  • Unique and comprehensive datasets combining over 40 years of site investigations and extensive archives of mining records...
  • Site inspections conducted by one of Groundsure's trained and experienced geologists - allowing for a bespoke risks assessment for each individual property...
  • Considers not just any built structures but the whole of the property and site.
  • Cost effective and expeditious solution providing assurances to purchasers and lenders during the conveyancing process...
  • Simple, clear and efficient guidance with clear next steps and advisory
  • Risk based approach - focus on mining risk with inspection of building and property as evidence...

The experts behind Mining Risk Assessment

Groundsure has been providing expert advice and mining solutions for over 40 years. During this time, we have been entrusted to conduct more than 6,000 site investigations, gaining knowledge and data with every instruction. You can be confident that our team of specialists will provide the right advice and expert solutions every time. Our concise reports are issued within 48 hours and are widely accepted by banks, building control, local councils, conveyancing solicitors and more.

To find out more, download the comprehensive product card to find out how you could benefit from this report.

You can also find more information about Mining Risk Assessment in our FAQs document.

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