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Put location intelligence in to your environmental search with a Ground Stability report.

Ground Stability informs on possible instability issues from natural or man-made hazards, or previous mineral extraction within the vicinity of your client’s potential property purchase. This report provides essential information on the industrial and mining history in the vicinity, including coal, together with natural geology using the latest British Geological Survey (BGS) datasets to provide a comprehensive overview.

Key features

  • Identifies historical and current surface and underground workings from mining activities including infilled land
  • Identifies historic mining activity such as coal, tin, clay, brine and gypsum extraction
  • Current and historic landfill sites
  • Natural ground subsidence potential and guidance
  • The latest BGS 1:50,000 scale geology datasets including artificial deposits, bedrock and borehole records

Benefit to the end user

  • Quickly identifies natural and man-made ground stability hazards
  • Utilises Groundsure's unique databases on historic underground and surface ground workings

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* Reliance: £10m Professional Indemnity Insurance (any one claim). Can be relied upon by all professional parties within a property transaction, first purchasers/tenants and their advisers. Please refer to Groundsure terms & conditions.

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