3D Building Height Data

In today’s architecture, 3D conceptual modelling is fast becoming an essential tool to help you to accurately map out your project and provide detailed plans for your clients.

These datasets include OS height data and OS Terrain 5, to provide a 3D visual representation of your site with detailed landscapes, terrain, topography, contours and spot heights, without having to open a CAD or GIS program. The file formats come in both PDF and DWG and are delivered as a single .zip file. OS building height data is in its alpha release, featuring approximately 20 million buildings in England and Wales.

We are delighted to be the first mapping providers to integrate the latest OS building height data (in its Alpha release*) into OS MasterMap. This significant addition provides FREE usage of 3D height data for your conceptual modelling when you purchase OS MasterMap.

Key features:

  • Detailed conceptual model for your clients  with building height data listed on buildings
  • OS height data coverage currently includes 23,497,528 buildings and spans 10,000km2
  • CAD files feature Terrain 5 data
  • Free with OS MasterMap

Benefits of this product:

  • The core benefits of incorporating this data is that it saves you time and money
  • Instant results and no extra costs
  • At the initial stages of a project this data will allow you to create street/landscapes for a detailed conceptual model for your clients
  • Allows you to start on a design using accurate information rather than waiting for surveys


*The OS height data is in its Alpha release, meaning that it is not yet nationwide, however does cover approximately 23,497,528 buildings in major urban areas. To check your area please see the OS official coverage map.

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