Cheshire Brine and salt extraction: a history

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By Ceri Sansom (Environmental Manager, Groundsure) and Rebecca Paul (Chief Officer, Cheshire Brine Subsidence Board)    Cheshire has a long and fascinating history of salt extraction, which needs to be considered when developing in the area, as it can cause ground stability problems. Here we take a brief look at this history and explore the


Environmental impacts of Agricultural land uses

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What are the Environmental Impacts associated with Agricultural Land uses in the UK? This is the first instalment in a series of blog posts which will identify and evaluate the typical environmental impacts associated with day to day farm processes. To sheep dip or not to sheep dip? Figure 1: Image captured in September 2015.


The Price of Plastic Bags


Single-use plastic bags are a world-wide waste issue, as a single bag can take up to 500 years or more to degrade1. Further to the huge waste issue caused by discarded plastic bags there is a cost to wildlife that should be considered as small animals such as birds and fish can either end up