Brownfield Sites: A Wildlife Haven

In this blog, Kate Bannigan, an Environmental Consultant at Groundsure, explores brownfield sites and discusses why they should be incorporated into urban development What are brownfield sites? The United Kingdom’s long industrial past has left behind an estimated 65,760 hectares of ‘derelict and underused’ (Oliver et al., 2005) previous industrial sites, often located in or


A Change in Direction for Historic Rights of Way?

In this blog, Sarah Gathergood, Deputy Residential Consultancy Manager at Groundsure, explores historic rights of way and why, by 2026, some may be lost forever. Time is ticking for our historic rights of way. Any pre-1949 footpaths, bridleways or byways that are not recorded on the legal definitive map(1) by 2026 may be lost forever.


“What difference does a polygon make in an environmental search?” Well, a fair bit actually!

Since Avista launched in June 2017 Groundsure has been introducing polygons to our residential environmental search reports. But what benefits does the use of polygons bring when compared to previous point and buffer methods? Nick Treble, Strategic Account Manager at Groundsure, explains. Why is using polygons important? A Land Registry leasehold/freehold polygon surrounds the exact


Major enhancements to Avista

Avista is the most comprehensive environmental search report available. Click here to find out more information about Avista. Groundsure is pleased to reveal major enhancements to the award-winning Avista report. The most comprehensive environmental search report available now includes more in-depth transportation data, providing even more invaluable information at no extra cost. Avista continues to


Groundsure Statement – GDPR

GPDR, Privacy

  At Groundsure we’re not only committed to providing you with award-winning location intelligence, that empowers your business and the decisions you make, but we’re also dedicated to constantly improving our own performance, particularly in the digital economy. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect on May 25th 2018, governing how personal data

... – free? Why on Earth would we do that?

For a long time the notice read that it was to be decommissioned. Then, following a Defra ministerial request in September last year which raised concerns from users, a short stay of execution was earned. But now finally, the much used if not completely loved What’s In Your Backyard (WIYBY) site from the Environment Agency


Bridge of Earn

A Bridge of Earn residential development is under threat of being demolished as a result of a breach of planning conditions. Residents on the development, built by Maplewood Developments, have all received letters from Perth and Kinross Council advising them not to use their gardens whilst council officials prepare to investigate whether the properties are


Covering all aspects of planning to avoid potential risks

When starting a project in any profession it is important to approach from a position of knowledge. This is especially true in the areas of design and construction – where surprises along the way can prove painful and costly. Early acquisition of relevant information can ensure smooth progress and helps to build mitigation into a


The night before Groundsure

T’was the night before Christmas, but all through the day Edward and Susan, had worried away. With two kids, still growing, and one on the way, A new house was needed, but where would they stay?   The children were nestled all snug in their beds, While thoughts of a better home, danced in their


A Christmas Story

The scene: a vast city hungover by a mist of exhaust fumes, accompanied by the sound of Christmas carols and clinking beer bottles. It’s the season of yuletide intertwined with wastefulness, want and ignorance. A guilty party, guiltier than most, is preparing tomorrow’s feast. Already he has boned out the crown of a turkey, the