We understand that buying a property is likely to be the most expensive purchase of a person’s life. Ensuring your clients have all the information ahead of purchase is imperative.

Not only will they have a full view on risk but it also ensures you have undertaken due diligence.

Our suite of residential search reports covers all kinds of risk from contaminated land through to planning, energy, flood and subsidence risk. Our expert consultancy and unmatched data quality give you the most reliable and accurate information.

If you are unsure on what reports you need please contact our experts who are happy to help guide you through the process.

Relevant News

WWII Ordnance – Is it still a risk?

“Is WWII Ordnance really a threat?” is the question I get asked the most. Alternatively I often get told by many (unqualified) clients that “WWII ordnance is not a threat! It is over 70 years old, it didn’t detonate and therefore is not a risk.” This should not be underestimated… WWII ordnance is still very much

06 Jun, 2017 | by Groundsure

Archaeology and Development

In this post Clelia discusses the importance of archaeological heritage and the impact this may have on site or property developments and how Groundsure reports can help you to uncover potential issues. If you have any questions or comments about this article you can contact the commercial team at commercial@groundsure.com Archaeology and development Archaeological or historic

06 Jun, 2017 | by Clelia Chelmi

A new environmental search called Avista just launched…

Ana Ansell, Product and Marketing Director here at Groundsure, was the integral driving force behind the launch of our new flagship product Avista. Here she discusses the Avista journey explaining the whys and the whats that went in to its inception and subsequent development. A new environmental searches called Avista just launched… In June, Groundsure

06 Jun, 2017 | by Ana Ansell

Groundsure launches new ‘Avista’ environmental search report for UK homebuyers

Groundsure, the leading authority on environmental risks in the UK, today launches Avista – the most comprehensive yet concise residential environmental search report for property buyers and the conveyancing sector. The report, which covers all environmental risks from planning and infrastructure searches to flood risk and contaminated land, is the first of its kind to

06 Jun, 2017 | by Groundsure

Environmental fines are on the rise: Are you at risk?

With Environmental fines climbing ever higher and frequently making headlines in the last year, it’s key that organisations with interests in financed or leased waste sites understand the current outlook, legal trends and make the right provisions to limit their financial and reputational exposure. Key to this is understanding what is driving environmental fines like

06 Jun, 2017 | by Ceri Sansom

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