Our range of commercial land and property searches provide you with everything you need to undertake your due diligence for your client’s prospective commercial purchase.

Our suite of search reports covers all kinds of risk from contaminated land through to planning, utilities, Japanese knotweed, flood, and subsidence risk. Our expert consultancy and unmatched data quality give you the most reliable and accurate information.

If you are unsure on what reports you should purchase please contact our experts who are happy to help guide you through the process.

Relevant News

Bringing Brownfield Sites Back To Use – Olympic Parks

The Olympic Games bringing out the best of not only athletes but also developers. This is the second instalment in a series of blog posts which will present examples of the implementation of different remediation technologies for the clean-up and redevelopment of contaminated sites. Recent Groundsure blogs on remediation of contaminated land have looked at

15 Jun, 2016 | by Maria Poy

The Ground Moves Beneath Our Feet

For any homeowner, there is no worse nightmare than their new property collapsing, having been unaware of subsidence potential or underground ground cavities in the area. If you’re looking to purchase a house, it’s vital to understand the impact ground movement can have and the best ways to avoid common pitfalls. Natural ground subsidence is

15 Jun, 2016 | by Alice Hopkins

Thorp vs Abbot

A recent legal case serves as a timely reminder that simple searches are not sufficient when buying a property. Large scale housing developments, which have been the subject of a few stories over the past few months are very unlikely to be identified in the suite of mandatory searches, such as the CON29 Local Authority

15 Jun, 2016 | by Groundsure

Groundsure Planning Alert

The Groundsure Planning Alert is now live and has been added to existing Groundsure Potential Risks Alert on our ordering platform. Just as our ordering platform will alert you if your property is at potential risk from flooding, ground stability, energy features etc(1) , it will now flag up whether a planning application has been

15 Jun, 2016 | by Groundsure

Happy 50th Birthday Milton Keynes!

Milton Keynes is 50 years old today. Take a look at what it looked in like 1958, 9 years before Milton Keynes was designated, and what it looked like in 1991, showing extensive development of the area. Milton Keynes, 1958 Milton Keynes, 1991

15 Jun, 2016 | by Groundsure

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