Groundsure supply Architects and Surveyors with the latest advances in OS digital mapping and the highest resolution historical maps available on the market

Groundsure provide architects with the most accurate overview for their designs.

We offer detailed aerial imagery, building height and terrain data to provide the most accurate interpretation of the site.

Relevant News

The night before Groundsure

T’was the night before Christmas, but all through the day Edward and Susan, had worried away. With two kids, still growing, and one on the way, A new house was needed, but where would they stay?   The children were nestled all snug in their beds, While thoughts of a better home, danced in their

20 Jun, 2017 | by George Burdon

A Christmas Story

The scene: a vast city hungover by a mist of exhaust fumes, accompanied by the sound of Christmas carols and clinking beer bottles. It’s the season of yuletide intertwined with wastefulness, want and ignorance. A guilty party, guiltier than most, is preparing tomorrow’s feast. Already he has boned out the crown of a turkey, the

20 Jun, 2017 | by Sarah Gathergood

Groundsure Avista finishes as runner-up in the B2B Marketing Awards

Groundsure is delighted to announce that it was the proud runner up of the “Best Product Launch Campaign” award at the prestigious B2B Marketing Awards 2017.  The B2B Marketing Awards reward the best in global B2B marketing, with submissions from four continents and major global marketing agencies. Groundsure was shortlisted against some tough competition and is

20 Jun, 2017 | by Groundsure

Pollution incidents

Sarah Gathergood is an environmental consultant at Groundsure. In this blog, Sarah discusses pollution incidents and how they may affect you. If you have any questions or comments about this blog, you can contact the residential consultancy team at Although written sometime around the 1950s, Tom Lehrer’s comedic song ‘Pollution’ still rings true in today’s world.

20 Jun, 2017 | by Sarah Gathergood


Freddy Brocklehurst is an environmental consultant at Groundsure. In this blog, Freddy discusses permafrost and the effect it may have on climate change. If you have any questions or comments about this blog, you can contact the commercial consultancy team at The threat of thawing permafrost to climate change As the Earth warms, climate

20 Jun, 2017 | by Freddy Brocklehurst